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QNAP TS-459Pro+ TurboNAS QTS Firmware Download

Posted at December 7, 2022 by PCI-DB Team

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Device NameQNAP TS-459Pro+ TurboNAS QTS Firmware
CategoryHdd Ssd Nas Usb Flash
File Size169.9 MB
Supported OSOS Independent

QNAP TS-459Pro+ TurboNAS QTS Firmware Description


- Improved RAID write performance.
- Introduces Smart Installation Guide for improved installation process with advanced configuration options such as volume space allocation. The Smart Installation Guide is supported in Qfinder 4.2.5 for Windows (for MAC, Linux and Chrome, Smart Installation Guide is supported on all Qfinder versions).
- Upgraded OpenSSL:TS-X31/ TS-269H: OpenSSL 1.0.0q. Others: OpenSSL 1.0.1l

Bug Fixes:

- Fails to correctly detect the size of files greater than 2GB on a 3TB hard drive used as an external storage device.
- Unable to show subtitles when playing videos using On-the-fly transcoding.
- The Turbo NAS as a domain member fails to authenticate domain member PCs that are trying to access it using Samba.
- The [Start] button in Storage Manager is disabled after a backup job (for file-based LUN) is finished.
- Fails to correctly display the NAS model when configuring storage in the Axis Camera Companion.
- Fails to display the label for encrypted NTFS and HFS+ external storage devices after they are formatted.
- Fails to correctly identify the file modification time shown on the PC for files stored on external devices.
- Fails to show a warning reminder on the myQNAPcloud web portal (the Device Detail page) after the Turbo NAS is idle for over 24 hours.
- Fails to establish a VPN connection using TOTO LINK N305RB.
- Fails to establish a VPN connection using TOTO LINK N300RB.
- Fails to establish a VPN connection using TOTO LINK A2004NS.
- Users can access an external device without authorization via AFP after it is encrypted and locked.
- Fails to retain different file versions in Qsync Version Control if more than 8 users are uploading files at the same time.
- Fails to mount a WD My Book through USB 3.0.
- Fails to initiate Sleep Mode more than once when Sleep Mode is consecutively scheduled in Power Schedule.
- The Turbo NAS as a gateway fails to connect to WI-FI.
- Apache server crashes during excessive connections.
- Music Station fails to download album cover images for songs that do not contain thumbnail images.
- The TS-269H fails to install the VPN Client after upgrading to firmware version 4.1.2.
- The TS-x53 incorrectly recognizes LAN port #3 as port #4 and vice visa.
- The default volume setting will be automatically set to 50% for NAS models that use thick volumes.
- Removing a file larger than 850GB using File Station will cause the Turbo NAS to reboot.
- If the Turbo NAS is idle for over 20 minutes, it will fail to synchronize the QTS desktop and system time.

  It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available.

Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver. This will help if you installed an incorrect or mismatched driver. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer.

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