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PCI Vendor List

The following is a list of all PCI vendors including vendor id, names and devices. If you have trouble finding a vendor please contact us and we will add it to our database.

Vendor IDVendor NameAction
1052 ?Young Micro Systems Download
21C3 21st Century Computer Corp. Download
156B 2wire Inc Download
12EC 3A International, Inc. Download
9850 3Com (wrong ID) Download
12B9 3Com Corp, Modem Division Download
A727 3Com Corporation Download
10B7 3Com Corporation Download
14E7 3CX Download
1115 3D Labs Download
2A15 3D Vision(???) Download
121A 3Dfx Interactive, Inc. Download
3D3D 3DLabs Download
1239 3DO Company Download
1A1E 3Leaf Systems, Inc. Download
13C1 3ware Inc Download
38EF 4Links Download
1999 A-Logics Download
159E A-Max Technology Co Ltd Download
117A A-Trend Technology Download
1563 A-Trend Technology Co Ltd Download
1245 A.P.D., S.A. Download
145E Aashima Technology B.V. Download
EABB Aashima Technology B.V. Download
1309 AB Semiconductor Ltd Download
140B Abaco Systems, Inc. Download
135D ABB Network Partner AB Download
125A ABB Power Systems Download
13DE ABB Robotics Products AB Download
147B ABIT Computer Corp. Download
13D1 Abocom Systems Inc Download
1B79 Absolute Analysis Download
10AA ACC Microelectronics Download
172A Accelerated Encryption Download
130D Accelerix Inc Download
1040 Accelgraphics Inc. Download
1C3B Accensus, LLC Download
494F ACCES I/O Products, Inc. Download
1113 Accton Technology Corporation Download
14D6 Accusys Inc Download
1025 Acer Incorporated [ALI] Download
10F2 Achme Computer, Inc. Download
1528 ACKSYS Download
1530 ACQIS Technology Inc Download
16D5 Acromag, Inc. Download
0F62 Acrox Technologies Co., Ltd. Download
11AA Actel Download
1668 Actiontec Electronics Inc Download
1536 ACTIS Computer Download
AC3D Actuality Systems Download
1312 Acuity Imaging, Inc Download
12D9 Aculab PLC Download
13F8 Ad Lib Multimedia Inc Download
9004 Adaptec Download
9005 Adaptec Download
1044 Adaptec (formerly DPT) Download
120B Adaptive Solutions Download
1CC1 ADATA Technology Co., Ltd. Download
126B Adax, Inc. Download
15B8 ADDI-DATA GmbH Download
1413 Addonics Download
4033 Addtron Technology Co, Inc. Download
144A Adlink Technology Download
1317 ADMtek Download
AAAA Adnaco Technology Inc. Download
1173 Adobe Systems, Inc Download
AECB Adrienne Electronics Corporation Download
1421 Ads Technologies Inc Download
136C Adtek System Science Co Ltd Download
1238 Adtran Download
18EB Advance Multimedia Internet Technology, Inc. Download
1456 Advanced Hardware Architectures Download
1075 Advanced Integrations Research Download
10BC Advanced Logic Research Download
1022 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Download
1002 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Download
14AA Advanced MOS Technology Inc Download
10D8 Advanced Peripherals Labs Download
1164 Advanced Peripherals Technologies Download
10CD Advanced System Products, Inc Download
1187 Advanced Technology Laboratories, Inc. Download
121B Advanced Telecommunications Modules Download
130F Advanet Inc Download
16CD Advantech Co. Ltd Download
13FE Advantech Co. Ltd Download
16DA Advantech Co., Ltd. Download
1850 Advantest Corporation Download
1515 Advent design Download
124A AEG Electrocom GmbH Download
146A Aeroflex Download
1AC8 Aeroflex Gaisler Download
1D7C Aerotech, Inc. Download
139F Aethra s.r.l. Download
14DB AFAVLAB Technology Inc Download
15CB AG Electronics Ltd Download
1971 AGEIA Technologies, Inc. Download
15E6 Agere Inc Download
1441 AGIE Ltd Download
15BC Agilent Technologies Download
14EC Agilent Technologies Download
193F AHA Products Group Download
1447 AIM GmBH Download
12CD Aims Lab Download
F1D0 AJA Video Download
1CF0 Akitio Download
139A Alacritech Inc Download
1096 Alacron Download
416C Aladdin Knowledge Systems Download
10F3 Alaris, Inc. Download
17F2 Albatron Corp. Download
1064 Alcatel Download
1846 Alcatel-Lucent Download
1AEA Alcor Micro Download
13AE ALD Technology Ltd Download
1448 Alesis Studio Electronics Download
156E Alfa Inc Download
1178 Alfa, Inc. Download
134F Algo System Co Ltd Download
1440 ALGOL Corp. Download
12A0 Allen-Bradley Company Download
5301 Alliance Semiconductor Corp. Download
1142 Alliance Semiconductor Corporation Download
14D9 Alliance Semiconductor Corporation Download
158B Allied Data Technologies Download
1259 Allied Telesis Download
0010 Allied Telesis, Inc (Wrong ID) Download
1D21 Allo Download
1408 Aloka Co. Ltd Download
4144 Alpha Data Download
1948 Alpha Networks Inc. Download
156D Alpha-Top Corp Download
13C5 Alphi Technology Corp Download
10E9 Alps Electric Co., Ltd. Download
AD00 Alta Data Technologies LLC Download
1237 Alta Technology Corporation Download
12AE Alteon Networks Inc. Download
1172 Altera Corporation Download
1454 Altiga Networks Download
173B Altima (nee Broadcom) Download
10F8 Altos India Ltd Download
1D0F Amazon.com, Inc. Download
130C Ambex Technologies, Inc Download
1395 Ambicom Inc Download
1813 Ambient Technologies Inc Download
1468 AMBIT Microsystem Corp. Download
1A22 Ambric Inc. Download
1206 Amdahl Corporation Download
101E American Megatrends Inc. Download
15AE Amersham Pharmacia Biotech Download
143C Amlogic Inc Download
18B8 Ammasso Download
12A7 AMO GmbH Download
1038 AMP, Inc Download
1DEF Ampere Computing, LLC Download
188A Ample Communications, Inc Download
14DC Amplicon Liveline Ltd Download
1897 AMtek Download
14E3 AMTELCO Download
11D4 Analog Devices Download
12D6 Analogic Corp Download
12BE Anchor Chips Inc. Download
1222 Ancor Communications, Inc. Download
149A ANDOR Technology Ltd Download
122F Andrew Corporation Download
1051 Anigma, Inc. Download
5168 Animation Technologies Inc. Download
114C Annabooks Download
12DB Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc Download
1C36 Annapurna Labs Ltd. Download
1852 Anritsu Corp. Download
153C ANTAL Electronic Download
12CB Antex Electronics Corporation Download
A0A0 AOPEN Inc. Download
141A Apache Micro Peripherals Inc Download
13D9 Apex PC Solutions Inc Download
12E5 Apex Semiconductor Inc Download
1097 Appian Technology Download
106B Apple Inc. Download
1389 Applicom International Download
15DB Applied Computing Systems Inc Download
14DE Applied Integration Corporation Download
1213 Applied Intelligent Systems, Inc. Download
136F Applied Magic Inc Download
10E8 Applied Micro Circuits Corp. Download
13C8 Apptech Inc Download
11B1 Apricot Computers Download
1A5E Aprius Inc. Download
10E2 Aptix Corporation Download
1D6A Aquantia Corp. Download
1538 ARALION Inc Download
1321 Arcobel Graphics BV Download
13AB Arcom Control Systems Ltd Download
3513 ARCOM Control Systems Ltd Download
121F Arcus Technology, Inc. Download
1566 Ardent Technologies Inc Download
17D3 Areca Technology Corp. Download
1345 Arescom Inc Download
13E6 Argosy research Inc Download
1375 Argosystems Inc Download
1220 Ariel Corporation Download
3475 Arista Networks, Inc. Download
EDD8 ARK Logic Inc Download
134B ARK Research Corp. Download
13B5 ARM Download
1591 ARN Download
1E17 Arnold & Richter Cine Technik GmbH & Co. Betriebs KG Download
1205 Array Corporation Download
12BC Array Microsystems Download
1223 Artesyn Communication Products Download
18DD Artimi Inc Download
10EB Artists Graphics Download
1191 Artop Electronic Corp Download
1400 Artx Inc Download
18C9 ARVOO Engineering BV Download
1379 Asahi Kasei Microsystems Co Ltd Download
128A Asante Technologies, Inc. Download
10ED Ascii Corporation Download
1FC0 Ascom (Finland) Oy Download
1A2B Ascom AG Download
1403 Ascor Inc Download
14DF ASIC Communications Corp Download
125B Asix Electronics Corporation Download
A000 Asix Electronics Corporation (Wrong ID) Download
144F Askey Computer Corp. Download
1B21 ASMedia Technology Inc. Download
1A03 ASPEED Technology, Inc. Download
16B4 Aspex Semiconductor Ltd Download
1849 ASRock Incorporation Download
F849 ASRock Incorporation (Wrong ID) Download
100D AST Research Inc Download
11BF Astrodesign, Inc. Download
1BD0 Astronics Corporation Download
18A1 Astute Networks Inc. Download
1043 ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Download
F043 ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (Wrong ID) Download
807D Asustek Computer, Inc. Download
18A3 AT&T Download
101A AT&T GIS (NCR) Download
1340 Atalla Corp Download
B1D9 ATCOM Technology co., LTD. Download
1735 Aten International Co. Ltd. Download
106A Aten Research Inc Download
1370 ATL Products Download
1589 Atlantek Microsystems Pty Ltd Download
1364 ATM Communications Inc Download
1114 Atmel Corporation Download
1438 Atmel-dream Download
1D6C Atomic Rules LLC Download
907F Atronics Download
1199 Attachmate Corporation Download
117C ATTO Technology, Inc. Download
13A5 Audio Digital Imaging Inc Download
14F8 AUDIOCODES Inc Download
175C AudioScience Inc Download
3130 AUDIOTRAK Download
11D1 Auravision Download
12EB Aureal Semiconductor Download
125C Aurora Technologies, Inc. Download
10C2 Auspex Systems Inc. Download
10D5 Autologic Inc. Download
1608 Automated Wagering International Download
14C5 Automation Products AB Download
199F Auvitek Download
584D AuzenTech Co., Ltd. Download
415A Auzentech, Inc. Download
5431 AuzenTech, Inc. Download
1264 Aval Nagasaki Corporation Download
4005 Avance Logic Inc. Download
1005 Avance Logic Inc. [ALI] Download
1289 AVC Technology, Inc. Download
1461 Avermedia Technologies Inc Download
2711 AVID Technology Inc. Download
11AF Avid Technology Inc. Download
1244 AVM GmbH Download
1157 Avsys Corporation Download
156A Avtec Systems Download
1885 Avvida Systems Inc. Download
10C4 Award Software International Inc. Download
147C AWARE, Inc. Download
1E6B Axiado Corp. Download
4978 Axil Computer Inc Download
13FB Aydin Corp Download
122D Aztech System Ltd Download
11AE Aztech System Ltd Download
1A3B AzureWave Download
15F0 B-Tree Systems Inc Download
1896 B&B Electronics Manufacturing Company, Inc. Download
1D22 Baidu Technology Download
145F Baldor Electric Company Download
45FB Baldor Electric Company Download
1533 BALTIMORE Download
15F7 Banctec Download
1501 BANKSOFT CANADA Ltd Download
13CC BARCO Download
11A4 Barco Graphics NV Download
11B3 Barr Systems Inc. Download
138E Basler GmbH Download
1470 Bay Networks Download
1203 Bayer Corporation, Agfa Division Download
10D7 BCM Advanced Research Download
15EC Beckhoff GmbH Download
117D Becton & Dickinson Download
1510 BEHAVIOR TECH Computer Corp Download
5ACE Beholder International Ltd. Download
1C5F Beijing Memblaze Technology Co. Ltd. Download
1E57 Beijing Panyi Technology Co., Ltd Download
2048 Beijing SpaceControl Technology Co.Ltd Download
9D32 Beijing Starblaze Technology Co. Ltd. Download
8088 Beijing Wangxun Technology Co., Ltd. Download
1799 Belkin Download
EC80 Belkin Corporation Download
1521 BELL Corp Download
10A7 Benchmarq Microelectronics Download
17FF Benq Corporation Download
1118 Berg Electronics Download
1677 Bernecker + Rainer Download
1427 Better On-Line Solutions Download
19F1 BFG Tech Download
3442 Bihl+Wiedemann GmbH Download
14CB Billionton Systems Inc Download
1481 BIOPAC Systems Inc Download
1565 Biostar Microtech Int'l Corp Download
12D7 Biotronic SRL Download
15CA Bitboys OY Download
118D BitFlow Inc Download
1642 Bitland(ShenZhen) Information Technology Co., Ltd. Download
192A BiTMICRO Networks Inc. Download
13BC Bitran Corporation Download
12BA BittWare, Inc. Download
1DEE Biwin Storage Technology Co., Ltd. Download
BDBD Blackmagic Design Download
1E38 Blaize, Inc Download
13C7 Blue Chip Technology Ltd Download
1BB3 Bluecherry Download
15AB Bluesteel Networks Inc Download
10C0 Boca Research Inc. Download
1593 Bops Inc Download
14DD Boulder Design Labs Inc Download
135A Brain Boxes Download
1E7C Brainchip Inc Download
1381 Brains Co. Ltd Download
1211 Braintech Inc Download
0A89 BREA Technologies Inc Download
1174 Bridgeport Machines Download
4468 Bridgeport machines Download
13AA Broadband Networks Inc Download
132B Broadband Technologies Download
1166 Broadcom Download
182F Broadcom Download
1000 Broadcom / LSI Download
166D Broadcom Corporation Download
FEDA Broadcom Inc Download
14E4 Broadcom Inc. and subsidiaries Download
14F3 BroadLogic Download
109E Brooktree Corporation Download
12E4 Brooktrout Technology Inc Download
14B0 BST Communication Technology Ltd Download
1338 BT Electronics Download
4624 Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics Download
119D Bug, Inc. Sapporo Japan Download
119F Bull HN Information Systems Download
1E3D Burlywood, Inc Download
1233 Bus-Tech, Inc. Download
104B BusLogic Download
4B10 Buslogic Inc. Download
15C0 BVM Ltd Download
1947 C-guys, Inc. Download
13F6 C-Media Electronics Inc Download
150E C-PORT Corp Download
6374 c't Magazin fuer Computertechnik Download
10B1 Cabletron Systems Inc Download
CACE CACE Technologies, Inc. Download
1087 Cache Computer Download
15E0 Cacheflow Inc Download
17CD Cadence Design Systems, Inc. Download
13E4 Calculex Inc Download
1AB6 CalDigit, Inc. Download
1E94 Calian SED Download
CA3B Cambrionix Ltd. Download
CAED Canny Edge Download
11AC Canon Information Systems Research Aust. Download
143B Canon Research Center, America Download
114B Canopus Co., Ltd Download
12FC Capital Equipment Corp Download
10B0 CardExpert Technology Download
14BD CARDIO Control N.V. Download
14EF CARRY Computer ENG. CO Ltd Download
1265 Casio Computer Co., Ltd. Download
434E CAST Navigation LLC Download
1688 CastleNet Technology Inc. Download
144C Catalina Research Inc Download
15A2 Catalyst Enterprises Inc Download
CCCC Catapult Communications Download
1AEE Caustic Graphics Inc. Download
1657 Cavium QLogic Download
177D Cavium, Inc. Download
15B4 CCI/TRIAD Download
18D4 Celestica Download
1A5D Celoxica Download
155C Cemax-Icon Inc Download
16CA CENATEK Inc Download
1511 CENTILLIUM Technology Corp Download
1248 Central Data Corporation Download
1604 Central System Research Co Ltd Download
1169 Centre for Development of Advanced Computing Download
123C Century Systems, Inc. Download
10DC CERN/ECP/EDU Download
18EC Cesnet, z.s.p.o. Download
10D6 Cetia Download
1076 Chaintech Computer Co. Ltd Download
270F Chaintech Computer Co. Ltd Download
1506 CHAMELEON Systems Inc Download
1520 CHAPLET System Inc Download
12E0 Chase Research Download
1425 Chelsio Communications Inc Download
1D94 Chengdu Haiguang IC Design Co., Ltd. Download
18EE Chenming Mold Ind. Corp. Download
1553 CHICONY Electronics Co Ltd Download
13E8 Chip Express Corporation Download
102C Chips and Technologies Download
134C Chori Joho System Co. Ltd Download
110B Chromatic Research Inc. Download
1531 CHRYON Corp Download
CAFE Chrysalis-ITS Download
15B5 Cimetrics Inc Download
1144 Cincinnati Milacron Download
1396 Cipher Systems Inc Download
1AA8 Ciprico, Inc. Download
12E6 Cirel Systems Download
1013 Cirrus Logic Download
14D3 CIRTECH (UK) Ltd Download
1436 CIS Technology Inc Download
14B9 Cisco Aironet Wireless Communications Download
1137 Cisco Systems Inc Download
106F City Gate Development Ltd Download
1398 Clarion co. Ltd Download
1942 ClearSpeed Technology plc Download
1469 Cleveland Motion Controls Download
1558 CLEVO/KAPOK Computer Download
196D Club-3D BV Download
169D Club-3D VB (Wrong ID) Download
5519 Cnet Technologies, Inc. Download
1371 CNet Technology Inc Download
1D1D CNEX Labs Download
104F Co-time Computer Ltd Download
13CE Cocom A/S Download
1109 Cogent Data Technologies, Inc. Download
4594 Cogetec Informatique Inc Download
12F7 Cognex Download
12B7 Cognex Corporation Download
1FCE Cognio Inc. Download
1CB1 Collion UG & Co.KG Download
1397 Cologne Chip Designs GmbH Download
130B Colorgraphic Communications Corp Download
2304 Colorgraphic Communications Corp. Download
151B COMBOX Ltd Download
1A84 Commex Technologies Download
18F7 Commtech, Inc. Download
1035 Comp. & Comm. Research Lab Download
14C0 COMPAL Electronics Inc Download
1032 Compaq Download
021B Compaq Computer Corporation Download
0E11 Compaq Computer Corporation Download
10DA Compaq IPG-Austin Download
13CD Compatible Systems Corporation Download
129D Compcore Multimedia, Inc. Download
11F6 Compex Download
120D Compression Labs, Inc. Download
1090 Compro Computer Services, Inc. Download
185B Compro Technology, Inc. Download
11F0 Compu-Shack Download
15A0 Compumaster SRL Download
14D1 Computer Hi-Tech Co Ltd Download
13FC Computer Peripherals International Download
1302 Computer Sciences Corp Download
12BD Computerm Corp. Download
1130 Computervision Download
154B COMPUTEX Co Ltd Download
11F5 Computing Devices International Download
8E0E Computone Corporation Download
1041 Computrend Download
1277 Comstream Download
1390 Concept Development Inc Download
1542 Concurrent Real-Time Download
125F Concurrent Technologies, Inc. Download
13C6 Condor Engineering Inc Download
14F1 Conexant Systems, Inc. Download
17EE Connect Components Ltd Download
12C4 Connect Tech Inc Download
2955 Connectix Virtual PC Download
116B Connectware Inc Download
1080 Contaq Microsystems Download
1221 Contec Co., Ltd Download
1571 Contemporary Controls Download
1383 Controlnet Inc Download
1417 Convergenet Technologies Inc Download
11A0 Convex Computer Corporation Download
13EF Coppercom Inc Download
11EC Coreco Inc Download
10AE Cornerstone Technology Download
118C Corollary, Inc Download
1B1C Corsair Download
14F6 COYOTE Technologies LLC Download
110E CPU Technology Download
1401 CR-Systems A/S Download
11E0 Cray Communications A/S Download
17DB Cray Inc Download
18C8 Cray Inc Download
14B5 Creamware GmBH Download
10F6 Creative Electronic Systems SA Download
1102 Creative Labs Download
16BE Creatix Polymedia GmbH Download
1830 Credence Systems Corporation Download
1141 Crest Microsystem Inc Download
12E8 Crisc Corp Download
11DD Crosfield Electronics Limited Download
127C Crosspoint Solutions, Inc. Download
145C Cryptek Download
1320 Crypto AG Download
13A0 Crystal Group Inc Download
1C09 CSP, Inc. Download
121E CSPI Download
1200 CSS Corporation Download
134E CSTI Download
14AE CTI, Inc Download
CCEC Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing Download
1423 Custom Technology Corp. Download
15DA Cyberfirm Inc Download
15D8 Cybernetics Technology Co Ltd Download
120E Cyclades Corporation Download
113C Cyclone Microsystems, Inc. Download
124E Cylink Download
1078 Cyrix Corporation Download
1582 Cytec Corp Download
1186 D-Link System Inc Download
07D1 D-Link System Inc Download
11C7 D.C.M. Data Systems Download
1070 Daewoo Telecom Ltd Download
1472 DAIKIN Industries, Ltd Download
11C6 Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co. Ltd Download
1C33 Daktronics, Inc Download
13EA Dallas Semiconductor Download
112F Dalsa Inc. Download
10BB Dapha Electronics Corporation Download
194A DapTechnology B.V. Download
19A8 DAQDATA GmbH Download
1089 Data General Corporation Download
1229 Data Kinesis Inc. Download
179C Data Patterns Download
14C6 Data Race Inc Download
107F Data Technology Corporation Download
1116 Data Translation Download
10B3 Databook Inc Download
1117 Datacube, Inc Download
10C9 Dataexpert Corporation Download
1E7B Dataland Download
DADA Datapath Limited Download
1185 Dataworld International Ltd Download
11FB Datel Inc Download
12E2 Datum Inc. Bancomm-Timing Division Download
1282 Davicom Semiconductor, Inc. Download
0291 Davicom Semiconductor, Inc. (Wrong ID) Download
5678 Dawicontrol Computersysteme GmbH Download
DC93 Dawicontrol GmbH Download
1CB8 Dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd. Download
12F6 Dawson France Download
1353 dbeeSet Technology Download
1544 DCM DATA Systems Download
1568 DDK Electronics Inc Download
19E3 DDRdrive LLC Download
6666 Decision Computer International Co. Download
1A0E DekTec Digital Video B.V. Download
1028 Dell Download
0200 Dell (wrong ID) Download
0128 Dell (wrong ID) Download
1120 Dell EMC Download
0497 Dell Inc. (wrong ID) Download
1243 Delphax Download
1599 Delta Electronics Inc Download
1500 DELTA Electronics, Inc Download
1B66 DELTACAST Download
1A05 deltaww Download
1192 Densan Company Ltd Download
1D78 DERA Storage Download
1466 Designpro Inc. Download
11A3 Deuretzbacher GmbH & Co. Eng. KG Download
1391 Development Concepts Inc Download
1815 Devolo AG Download
15BD DFI Inc Download
106E DFI, Inc Download
DB10 Diablo Technologies Download
15F2 Diagnostic Instruments Inc Download
12C7 Dialogic Corp Download
1133 Dialogic Corporation Download
18D8 Dialogue Technology Corp. Download
1D4C Diamanti, Inc. Download
1092 Diamond Multimedia Systems Download
1478 DIATREND Corporation Download
1932 DiBcom Download
158A Digalog Systems Inc Download
114F Digi International Download
10AB Digicom Download
1467 DIGICOM SPA Download
148D DIGICOM Systems, Inc. Download
1369 Digigram Download
DD01 Digital Devices GmbH Download
4143 Digital Equipment Corp Download
1011 Digital Equipment Corporation Download
1705 Digital First, Inc. Download
11E8 Digital Processing Systems Inc. Download
AC1E Digital Receiver Technology Inc Download
141D Digitan Systems Inc Download
15F3 Digitmedia Corp Download
D161 Digium, Inc. Download
17DF Dini Group Download
1246 Dipix Technologies, Inc. Download
1982 Distant Early Warning Communications Inc Download
1AB4 Distributed Management Task Force, Inc. (DMTF) Download
158F Ditect Coop Download
1595 Diva Systems Corp Download
1068 Diversified Technology Download
13B6 Dlog GmbH Download
11C4 Document Technologies, Inc Download
11C8 Dolphin Interconnect Solutions AS Download
11EE Dome Imaging Systems Inc Download
1323 Dome Inc Download
1459 DOOIN Electronics Download
1474 Doug Carson & Associates Download
1D44 DPT Download
15CD Dreamtech Co Ltd Download
15EB DResearch Digital Media Systems GmbH Download
1A8E DRS Technologies Download
1241 DSC Communications Download
140A DSP Research Inc Download
134A DTC Technology Corp. Download
14C2 DTK Computer Download
1579 Dual Technology Corp Download
1306 Duet Technologies Download
5544 Dunord Technologies Download
4254 DVBSky Download
18AC DViCO Corporation Download
1354 Dwave System Inc Download
D4D4 Dy4 Systems Inc Download
137D Dynachip Corporation Download
0675 Dynalink Download
DCBA Dynamic Engineering Download
1139 Dynamic Pictures, Inc Download
13E2 Dynamics Research Corporation Download
1460 DYNARC INC Download
13DF E-Tech Inc Download
EA01 Eagle Technology Download
11B2 Eastman Kodak Download
13C9 Eaton Corporation Download
1532 ECHELON Corp Download
ECC0 Echo Digital Audio Corporation Download
1517 ECHOTEK Corp Download
19FF Eclipse Electronic Systems, Inc. Download
1428 Edec Co Ltd Download
1432 Edimax Computer Co. Download
1BFD EeeTOP Download
1082 EFA Corporation of America Download
111A Efficient Networks, Inc Download
1890 Egenera, Inc. Download
1DE5 Eideticom, Inc Download
1227 EIZO Rugged Solutions Download
E4BF EKF Elektronik GmbH Download
E1C5 Elcus Download
111E Eldec Download
13B9 Elecom Co Ltd Download
12F8 Electronic Design GmbH Download
1377 Electronic Equipment Production & Distribution GmbH Download
1058 Electronics & Telecommunications RSH Download
116E Electronics for Imaging Download
1C7F Elektrobit Austria GmbH Download
1019 Elitegroup Computer Systems Download
140C Elmic Systems Inc Download
1048 Elsa AG Download
11EA Elsag Bailey Download
1433 Eltec Elektronik GmbH Download
1CC5 Embedded Intelligence, Inc. Download
EA50 Emerson Automation Solutions Download
1499 EMTEC CO., Ltd Download
19A2 Emulex Corporation Download
10DF Emulex Corporation Download
EACE Endace Measurement Systems, Ltd Download
7401 EndRun Technologies Download
1524 ENE Technology Inc Download
123D Engineering Design Team, Inc. Download
1C44 Enmotus Inc Download
14B2 ENNOVATE Networks Inc Download
1789 Ennyah Technologies Corp. Download
1274 Ensoniq Download
5145 Ensoniq (Old) Download
15D6 Entridia Corp Download
1D8F Enyx Download
16C9 EONIC B.V. The Netherlands Download
165A Epix Inc Download
139D EPL limited Download
1695 EPoX Computer Co., Ltd. Download
1008 Epson Download
12D5 Equator Technologies Inc Download
113F Equinox Systems, Inc. Download
14D0 Ericsson Axe R & D Download
1485 ERMA - Electronic GmBH Download
1262 ES Computer Company, Ltd. Download
145A Escalate Networks Inc Download
12FE ESD Electronic System Design GmbH Download
1AB9 Espia Srl Download
125D ESS Technology Download
E55E Essence Technology, Inc. Download
120F Essential Communications Download
16F2 ETAS GmbH Download
1DF3 Ethernity Networks Download
1B6F Etron Technology, Inc. Download
1805 Euresys S.A. Download
1125 Eurocore Download
16E3 European Space Agency Download
1606 Europop AG Download
157C Eurosoft (UK) Download
10DD Evans & Sutherland Download
10A3 Everex Systems Inc Download
1535 EVERGREEN Technologies Inc Download
3842 eVga.com. Corp. Download
15C4 EVSX Inc Download
1CE4 Exablaze Download
5851 Exacq Technologies Download
17D5 Exar Corp. Download
13A8 Exar Corp. Download
1405 Excalibur Systems Inc Download
1419 Excel Switching Corp Download
1123 Excellent Design, Inc. Download
19C1 Exegy Inc. Download
D84D Exsys Download
15F6 Extreme Packet Device Inc Download
1719 EZChip Technologies Download
F5F5 F5 Networks, Inc. Download
FAB7 Fabric7 Systems, Inc. Download
1D9B Facebook, Inc. Download
1DC5 FADU Inc. Download
1574 Fairchild Semiconductor Download
1D5C Fantasia Trading LLC Download
141E Fanuc Ltd Download
159B Faraday Technology Corp Download
1619 FarSite Communications Ltd Download
1463 Fast Corporation Download
10FE Fast Multimedia AG Download
1958 Faster Technology, LLC. Download
15FF Fastpoint Technologies Inc Download
14A8 FEATRON Technologies Corporation Download
FEDE Fedetec Inc. Download
15D2 FIC (First International Computer Inc) Download
153D FILANET Corp Download
131A Finisar Corp. Download
1129 Firmworks Download
1509 FIRST INTERNATIONAL Computer Inc Download
1094 First International Computers [FIC] Download
1219 First Virtual Corporation Download
1AE7 First Wise Media GmbH Download
1230 Fishcamp Engineering Download
22B8 Flex-Logix Technologies Download
152B FLYTECH Technology CO Ltd Download
1CB5 Focusrite Audio Engineering Ltd Download
1596 Folsom Research Inc Download
1146 Force Computers Download
1A17 Force10 Networks, Inc. Download
13F2 Ford Microelectronics Inc Download
1127 FORE Systems Inc Download
1083 Forex Computer Corporation Download
12F5 Forks Download
1184 Forks Inc Download
11EB Formation Inc. Download
147A FORMOSA Industrial Computing Download
1319 Fortemedia, Inc Download
1A29 Fortinet, Inc. Download
1049 Fountain Technologies, Inc. Download
12F9 Four Fold Ltd Download
105B Foxconn International, Inc. Download
F05B Foxconn International, Inc. (Wrong ID) Download
1034 Framatome Connectors USA Inc. Download
1957 Freescale Semiconductor Inc Download
1B73 Fresco Logic Download
1135 Fuji Xerox Co Ltd Download
1362 Fujifacom Corporation Download
127F Fujifilm Download
12BF Fujifilm Microdevices Download
1183 Fujikura Ltd Download
1E26 Fujitsu Client Computing Limited Download
151D Fujitsu Computer Products Of America Download
10CF Fujitsu Limited. Download
10CA Fujitsu Microelectr., Inc. Download
119E Fujitsu Microelectronics Ltd. Download
1734 Fujitsu Technology Solutions Download
1404 Fundamental Software Inc Download
138A Fusion Micromedia Corp Download
1036 Future Domain Corp. Download
138D Future Techno Designs pte Ltd Download
10D1 FuturePlus Systems Corp. Download
12B4 FutureTel Inc Download
1D87 Fuzhou Rockchip Electronics Co., Ltd Download
113A FWB Inc Download
12C8 G Force Co, Ltd Download
128D G2 Networks, Inc. Download
1197 Gage Applied Sciences, Inc. Download
10E6 Gainbery Computer Products Inc. Download
1B4C GALAX Download
159F Galea Network Security Download
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19D4 Quixant Limited Download
1552 RACAL AIRTECH Ltd Download
2348 Racore Download
10EF Racore Computer Products, Inc. Download
1CC7 Radian Memory Systems Inc. Download
142F Radicom Research Inc Download
142B Radiolan Download
1331 RadiSys Corporation Download
10CE Radius Download
12F3 Radstone Technology Download
11B5 Radstone Technology Plc Download
12DE Rainbow Technologies Download
1814 Ralink corp. Download
1804 Ralink corp. (wrong ID) Download
10C6 Rambus Inc. Download
13A4 Rascom Inc Download
1104 RasterOps Corp. Download
1195 Ratoc System Inc Download
112D Ravicad Download
14E8 RAYCER Inc Download
1513 Raychem Download
13ED Raytheion E-Systems Download
10B2 Raytheon Company Download
182E Raza Microelectronics, Inc. Download
1A58 Razer USA Ltd. Download
17F3 RDC Semiconductor, Inc. Download
1384 Reality Simulation Systems Inc Download
10EC Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Download
1B36 Red Hat, Inc. Download
6900 Red Hat, Inc. Download
1AF4 Red Hat, Inc. Download
4916 RedCreek Communications Inc Download
1334 Redcreek Communications, Inc Download
1BAD ReFLEX CES Download
1163 Rendition Download
1912 Renesas Technology Corp. Download
1006 Reply Group Download
1796 Research Centre Juelich Download
18FB Resilience Corporation Download
128C Retix Corporation Download
1294 Rhetorex, Inc. Download
0B0B Rhino Equipment Corp. Download
1180 Ricoh Co Ltd Download
1399 Rios systems Co Ltd Download
161F Rioworks Download
1A56 Rivet Networks Download
1749 RLX Technologies Download
1D18 RME Download
EA60 RME Download
1534 ROAD Corp Download
127A Rockwell International Download
15D7 Rockwell-Collins Inc Download
1A55 Rohde & Schwarz DVS GmbH Download
10DB Rohm LSI Systems, Inc. Download
16CE Roland Corp. Download
2BD8 ROPEX Industrie-Elektronik GmbH Download
110F Ross Technology Download
1512 ROSUN Technologies Inc Download
1435 RTD Embedded Technologies, Inc. Download
146C Ruby Tech Corp. Download
5136 S S Technologies Download
10F4 S-MOS Systems, Inc. Download
1267 S. A. Telecommunications Download
5333 S3 Graphics Ltd. Download
0001 SafeNet (wrong ID) Download
16AE SafeNet Inc Download
1284 Sahara Networks, Inc. Download
140F Salient Systems Corp Download
1325 Salix Technologies, Inc Download
167D Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co., Ltd. Download
144D Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Download
1099 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd Download
1249 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Download
11E2 Samsung Information Systems America Download
10C3 Samsung Semiconductors, Inc. Download
1AE3 SANBlaze Technology, Inc. Download
11C2 Sand Microelectronics Download
1AED SanDisk Download
15B7 Sandisk Corp Download
175E Sanera Systems, Inc. Download
1923 Sangoma Technologies Corp. Download
1380 Sanritz Automation Co Ltd Download
1111 Santa Cruz Operation Download
113E Sanyo Electric Co - Computer Engineering Dept Download
13BB Sanyo Technosound Co Ltd Download
1DA2 Sapphire Technology Limited Download
0721 Sapphire, Inc. Download
3112 Satelco Ingenieria S.A. Download
1176 SBE Incorporated Download
108A SBS Technologies Download
4C53 SBS Technologies Download
12DF SBS Technologies Inc Download
124B SBS/Greenspring Modular I/O Download
12A6 Scalable Networks, Inc. Download
CC53 ScaleFlux Inc. Download
8686 ScaleMP Download
5452 SCANLAB AG Download
1B40 Schooner Information Technology, Inc. Download
1209 SCI Systems Inc Download
1C63 Science and Research Centre of Computer Technology (JSC "NICEVT") Download
11F7 Scientific Atlanta Download
1480 SCII Telecom Download
1609 Scimetric Instruments Inc Download
11FF Scion Corporation Download
AA42 Scitex Digital Video Download
133F SCM Microsystems Download
0432 SCM Microsystems, Inc. Download
12AA SDL Communications, Inc. Download
1326 Seachange international Download
1BB1 Seagate Technology PLC Download
1A0D SEAKR Engineering Download
135E Sealevel Systems Inc Download
4CA1 Seanix Technology Inc Download
11E4 Second Wave Inc Download
17E4 Sectra AB Download
1CDD secunet Security Networks AG Download
123B Seeq Technology, Inc. Download
11DB Sega Enterprises Ltd Download
1581 SEH Computertechnik GmbH Download
14EB SEIKO EPSON Corp Download
103A Seiko Epson Corporation Download
149B SEIKO Instruments Inc Download
14BB SEMTECH Corporation Download
196A Sensory Networks Inc. Download
106D Sequent Computer Systems Download
15C9 Serome Technology Inc Download
154E SERVOTEST Ltd Download
1CD2 SesKion GmbH Download
15A8 Shanghai Communications Technologies Center Download
1E36 Shanghai Enflame Technology Co. Ltd Download
1CB0 Shannon Systems Download
13BF Sharewave Inc Download
13D2 Shark Multimedia Inc Download
13BD Sharp corporation Download
1E3B Shenzhen DAPU Microelectronics Co., Ltd Download
1D97 Shenzhen Longsys Electronics Co., Ltd. Download
0EAC SHF Communication Technologies AG Download
1188 Shima Seiki Manufacturing Ltd. Download
14E6 SHINING Technology Inc Download
11C5 Shiva Corporation Download
B1B3 Shiva Europe Limited Download
1559 SI LOGIC Ltd Download
122C Sican GmbH Download
110A Siemens AG Download
13A9 Siemens Medical Systems, Ultrasound Group Download
1029 Siemens Nixdorf IS Download
11A2 Sierra Research and Technology Download
10A8 Sierra Semiconductor Download
1A08 Sierra semiconductor Download
F15E SiFive, Inc. Download
1236 Sigma Designs Corporation Download
1105 Sigma Designs, Inc. Download
8384 SigmaTel Download
15DD Sigmatel Inc Download
1B37 Signal Processing Devices Sweden AB Download
1B94 Signatec / Dynamic Signals Corp Download
131F Siig Inc Download
1C2C Silicom Denmark Download
1374 Silicom Ltd. Download
13E1 Silicom Multimedia Systems Inc Download
1177 Silicon Engineering Download
10A9 Silicon Graphics Intl. Corp. Download
1095 Silicon Image, Inc. Download
0095 Silicon Image, Inc. (Wrong ID) Download
1039 Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] Download
1543 SILICON Laboratories Download
8888 Silicon Magic Download
11FC Silicon Magic Download
126F Silicon Motion, Inc. Download
138C Silicon Reality Download
1AE8 Silicon Software GmbH Download
13FF Silicon Spice Inc Download
1373 Silicon Vision Inc Download
1864 SilverBack Download
12A1 Simpact Associates, Inc. Download
1BB0 SimpliVity Corporation Download
123E Simutech, Inc. Download
AFFE Sirrix AG security technologies Download
182D SiteCom Europe BV Download
18D2 Sitecom Europe BV (Wrong ID) Download
1C5C SK hynix Download
0315 SK-Electronics Co., Ltd. Download
1368 Skyware Corporation Download
1A4A SLAC National Accelerator Lab TID-AIR Download
1497 SMA Regelsysteme GmBH Download
1551 SMART Electronic DEVELOPMENT GmBH Download
2000 Smart Link Ltd. Download
2003 Smart Link Ltd. Download
2004 Smart Link Ltd. Download
10A5 Smart Link Ltd. Download
163C Smart Link Ltd. Download
1235 SMART Modular Technologies Download
631C SmartInfra Ltd Download
1853 SMSC Automotive Infotainment System Group Download
8322 Sodick America Corp. Download
133B Softcom Microsystems Download
14A0 SOFTING GmBH Download
1C1F SoftLab-NSK Download
9413 Softlogic Co., Ltd. Download
15BE Sola Electronics Download
1924 Solarflare Communications Download
1527 SOLECTRON Download
1E95 Solid State Storage Technology Corporation Download
1588 Solidum Systems Corp Download
1361 Soliton Systems K.K. Download
124C Solitron Technologies, Inc. Download
103E Solliday Engineering Download
1919 Soltek Computer Inc. Download
1263 Sonic Solutions Download
1351 Sonix Inc Download
16B8 Sonnet Technologies, Inc. Download
A304 Sony Download
104D Sony Corporation Download
14F5 SOPAC Ltd Download
1290 Sord Computer Corporation Download
12F1 Sorenson Vision Inc Download
15B1 Source Technology Inc Download
10FD Soyo Computer, Inc Download
1451 SP3D Chip Design GmBH Download
16AF SparkLAN Communications, Inc. Download
1017 SPEA Software AG Download
11CB Specialix Research Ltd. Download
125E Specialvideo Engineering SRL Download
1AD7 Spectracom Corporation Download
18F1 Spectrum GmbH Download
12FB Spectrum Signal Processing Download
02AC SpeedStream Download
1298 Spellcaster Telecommunications Inc. Download
1324 Sphere Communications Download
14BF SPIDER Communications Inc. Download
1ADE Spin Master Ltd. Download
126D Splash Technology, Inc. Download
1E24 Squirrels Research Labs Download
133D SS Technologies Download
15A7 SSE Telecom Inc Download
124D Stallion Technologies, Inc. Download
10B8 Standard Microsystems Corp [SMC] Download
1638 Standard Microsystems Corp [SMC] Download
1974 Star Electronics GmbH & Co. KG Download
157B Star Multimedia Corp Download
1A8A StarBridge, Inc. Download
143A Stargate Solutions Inc Download
9902 Stargen Inc. Download
10B4 STB Systems Inc Download
1B39 sTec, Inc. Download
104A STMicroelectronics Download
1490 Stone Microsystems PTY Ltd. Download
1618 Stone Ridge Technology Download
1426 Storage Technology Corp. Download
154F STRATABEAM Technology Download
159C Stratus Computer Systems Download
1107 Stratus Computers Download
1FCC StreamLabs Download
18A2 Stretch Inc. Download
13CF Studio Audio & Video Ltd Download
1CF7 Subspace Dynamics Download
1349 Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. Download
126E Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. Download
13F0 Sundance Technology Inc / IC Plus Corp Download
1FD4 SUNIX Co., Ltd. Download
15A6 Sunlight Ultrasound Technologies Ltd Download
12E7 Sunsgroup Corporation Download
15D9 Super Micro Computer Inc Download
1081 Supermac Technology Download
10BD Surecom Technology Download
1276 Switched Network Technologies, Inc. Download
1592 Syba Tech Ltd Download
16ED Sycron N. V. Download
11F1 Symbios Logic Inc Download
1562 Symbol Technologies Download
12DC Symicron Computer Communication Ltd. Download
1C1C Symphony Download
10AD Symphony Labs Download
120A Synaptel Download
16C3 Synopsys, Inc. Download
103F Synopsys/Logic Modeling Group Download
1148 SysKonnect Download
131D Sysmic, Inc. Download
1350 Systec Co. Ltd Download
11A8 Systech Corp. Download
1A5F System TALKS Inc. Download
14A1 Systembase Co Ltd Download
108F Systemsoft Download
1387 Systran Corp Download
8866 T-Square Design Inc. Download
13AF T.Sqware Download
117E T/R Systems Download
0824 T1042 [Freescale] Download
146D Tachyon, INC. Download
15C3 Taiwan Mycomp Co Ltd Download
143D Tamarack Microelectronics Inc Download
13B1 Tamura corporation Download
10E4 Tandem Computers Download
4321 Tata Power Strategic Electronics Division Download
128F Tateno Dennou, Inc. Download
15C7 Tateyama System Laboratory Co Ltd Download
15D5 Tatung Co Download
103B Tatung Corp. Of America Download
544D TBS Technologies Download
6205 TBS Technologies (wrong ID) Download
6209 TBS Technologies (wrong ID) Download
1626 TDK Semiconductor Corp. Download
12AF TDK USA Corp Download
11D9 TEC Corporation Download
1D40 Techman Electronics (Changshu) Co., Ltd. Download
120C Technical Corp. Download
15C6 Technical University of Budapest Download
5455 Technische Universitaet Berlin Download
13B2 Techno Chips Co. Ltd Download
1D61 Technobox, Inc. Download
13C2 Technotrend Systemtechnik GmbH Download
13D0 Techsan Electronics Co Ltd Download
15FC Techsan Electronics Co Ltd Download
14B8 Techsoft Technology Co Ltd Download
153E TECHWELL Inc Download
1760 TEDIA spol. s r. o. Download
1FC9 Tehuti Networks Ltd. Download
1366 Teijin Seiki Co. Ltd Download
14CF TEK Microsystems Inc. Download
11D6 Tekelec Telecom Download
1DA1 Teko Telecom S.r.l. Download
1DE1 Tekram Technology Co.,Ltd. Download
10E1 Tekram Technology Co.,Ltd. Download
16A5 Tekram Technology Co.,Ltd. Download
1268 Tektronix Download
111B Teledyne Electronic Systems Download
1519 TELEFON AKTIEBOLAGET LM Ericsson Download
1378 Telemann Co. Ltd Download
1272 Telematics International Download
13A7 Teles AG Download
00A7 Teles AG (Wrong ID) Download
13E5 Telesoft Design Ltd Download
1612 Telesynergy Research Inc. Download
1181 Telmatics International Download
2001 Temporal Research Ltd Download
1601 Tenta Technology Download
1B3E Teradata Corp. Download
6549 Teradici Corp. Download
1316 Teradyne Inc Download
544C Teralogic Inc Download
1560 Terayon Communications Systems Download
153B TERRATEC Electronic GmbH Download
50B2 TerraTec Electronic GmbH Download
1498 TEWS Technologies GmbH Download
104C Texas Instruments Download
15B6 Texas Memory Systems Inc Download
1065 Texas Microsystems Download
1514 TFL LAN Inc Download
184A Thales Computers Download
1356 The Logical Co Download
10FB Thesys Gesellschaft fuer Mikroelektronik mbH Download
1168 Thine Electronics Inc Download
1150 Thinking Machines Corp Download
1337 Third Planet Publishing Download
1269 Thomson-CSF/TTM Download
0059 Tiger Jet Network Inc. (Wrong ID) Download
E159 Tiger Jet Network Inc. / ICP DAS Download
1A41 Tilera Corp. Download
1492 Time Logic Corporation Download
14AD Time Space Radio AB Download
1409 Timedia Technology Co Ltd Download
15F1 Times N Systems Inc Download
1288 Timestep Corporation Download
14D2 Titan Electronics Inc Download
1030 TMC Research Download
1495 TOKAI Communications Industry Co. Ltd Download
138B Tokimec Inc Download
15EA Tokyo Denshi Sekei K.K. Download
1679 Tokyo Electron Device Ltd. Download
14F4 TOKYO Electronic Industry CO Ltd Download
1D05 Tongfang Hongkong Limited Download
17F7 Topdek Semiconductor Inc. Download
1867 Topspin Communications Download
1479 TORAY Industries Inc Download
102F Toshiba America Download
11E7 Toshiba America, Elec. Company Download
1179 Toshiba Corporation Download
13D7 Toshiba Engineering Corporation Download
1194 Toucan Technology Download
15A5 Toyota Macs Inc Download
7470 TP-LINK Technologies Co., Ltd. Download
11D3 Trancell Systems Inc Download
192E TransDimension Download
157E Transition Networks Download
1279 Transmeta Corporation Download
1278 Transtech Parallel Systems Ltd. Download
128B Transwitch Corporation Download
20F4 TRENDnet Download
1976 TRENDnet Download
8401 TRENDware International Inc. Download
11D7 Trenton Technology, Inc. Download
111C Tricord Systems Inc. Download
1023 Trident Microsystems Download
8800 Trigem Computer Inc. Download
109F Trigem Computer Inc. Download
1190 Tripace Download
1292 Tritech Microelectronics Inc Download
13F4 Troika Networks, Inc. Download
12DA True Time Inc. Download
10FA Truevision Download
1444 TRW Download
8912 TRX Download
100C Tseng Labs Inc Download
10BE Tseng Labs International Co. Download
1C8A TSF5 Corporation Download
C001 TSI Telsys Download
1C7E TTTech Computertechnik AG Download
0357 TTTech Computertechnik AG (Wrong ID) Download
148C Tul Corporation / PowerColor Download
10E3 Tundra Semiconductor Corp. Download
14C8 Turbocomm Tech. Inc. Download
1449 TUT Systems Inc Download
1822 Twinhan Technology Co. Ltd Download
4651 TXIC Download
10F1 Tyan Computer Download
CDDD Tyzx, Inc. Download
16EC U.S. Robotics Download
B10B Uakron PCI Project Download
0777 Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. Download
10B9 ULi Electronics Inc. Download
1003 ULSI Systems Download
12D4 Ulticom (Formerly DGM&S) Download
D209 Ultimarc Download
6356 UltraStor Download
FEBD Ultraview Corp. Download
4680 Umax Computer Corp Download
1429 Unex Technology Corp. Download
1443 Unibrain S.A. Download
1CC4 Union Memory (Shenzhen) Download
A0F1 UNISYS Corporation Download
1018 Unisys Systems Download
1060 United Microelectronics [UMC] Download
11B6 United Video Corp Download
14CD Universal Global Scientific Industrial Co.,Ltd Download
5045 University of Toronto Download
1584 Uniwill Computer Corp Download
168A Utimaco IS GmbH Download
11B0 V3 Semiconductor Inc. Download
ABCD Vadatech Inc. Download
10E7 Vadem Download
15E5 Valley technologies Inc Download
15F4 Valuesoft Download
CA50 Varian Australia Pty Ltd Download
1888 Varisys Ltd Download
5646 Vector Fabrics BV Download
19E2 Vector Informatik GmbH Download
127D Vela Research Download
1A8C Verigy Pte. Ltd. Download
144B Verint Systems Inc. Download
1EB1 VeriSilicon Inc Download
1257 Vertex Networks, Inc. Download
1412 VIA Technologies Inc. Download
1106 VIA Technologies, Inc. Download
0925 VIA Technologies, Inc. (Wrong ID) Download
129E Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. Download
156C Vidac Electronics GmbH Download
1386 Video Domain Technologies Download
1010 Video Logic, Ltd. Download
1335 Videomail, Inc Download
13A6 Videonics Inc Download
1424 Videoserver Connections Download
1311 Videoserver, Inc Download
16F6 VideoTele.com, Inc. Download
11BA Videotron Corp Download
12EF Vienna Systems Download
1576 Viewcast COM Download
1561 Viewgraphics Inc Download
1126 Vigra Download
12D3 Vingmed Sound A/S Download
1A73 Violin Memory, Inc Download
1A78 Virident Systems Inc. Download
1A68 VirtenSys Limited Download
133E Virtual Computer Corp Download
123A Visicom Laboratories, Inc. Download
12A5 Vision Dynamics Ltd. Download
141F Visiontech Ltd Download
1545 VISIONTEK Download
1201 Vista Controls Corp Download
154C VISUAL Technology Inc Download
142E Vitec Multimedia Download
101B Vitesse Semiconductor Download
1725 Vitesse Semiconductor Download
1745 ViXS Systems, Inc. Download
1251 VLSI Solutions Oy Download
1004 VLSI Technology Inc Download
129A VMetro, inc. Download
114A VMIC Download
15AD VMware Download
FFFE VMWare Inc (temporary ID) Download
1158 Voarx R & D Inc Download
15E1 Voice Technologies Group Inc Download
5654 VoiceTronix Pty Ltd Download
1575 Voltaire Advanced Data Security Ltd Download
1327 Voss scientific Download
5053 Voyetra Technologies Download
15E4 VSN Systemen BV Download
105E Vtech Computers Ltd Download
133A Vtel Corp Download
1BF4 VTI Instruments Corporation Download
16F4 Vweb Corp Download
150D WARPSPPED Inc Download
1A76 Wavesat Download
1315 Wavesat Download
4348 WCH.CN Download
100E Weitek Download
13B4 Wellbean Co Inc Download
174D WellX Telecom SA Download
1B3A Westar Display Technologies Download
101C Western Digital Download
1B96 Western Digital Download
14CE Whistle Communications Download
13F7 Wildfire Communications Download
146E Williams Electronics Games, Inc. Download
1AE9 Wilocity Ltd. Download
1149 Win System Corporation Download
8C4A Winbond Download
E000 Winbond Download
1050 Winbond Electronics Corp Download
127E Winnov, L.P. Download
186F WiNRADiO Communications Download
1494 WINTOP Technology, Inc. Download
105C Wipro Infotech Limited Download
0795 Wired Inc. Download
17C0 Wistron Corp. Download
185F Wistron NeWeb Corp. Download
14F7 WOLF Technology Inc Download
1AEC Wolfson Microelectronics Download
1231 Woodward McCoach, Inc. Download
1145 Workbit Corporation Download
116F Workstation Technology Download
1661 Worldspace Corp. Download
102D Wyse Technology Inc. Download
5845 X-ES, Inc. Download
15A4 X-Net OY Download
270B Xantel Corporation Download
1B9A XAVi Technologies Corp. Download
FFFD XenSource, Inc. Download
1A71 XenSource, Inc. Download
5853 XenSource, Inc. Download
10C5 Xerox Corporation Download
1EAE XFX Limited Download
1682 XFX Pine Group Inc. Download
02E0 XFX Pine Group Inc. (Wrong ID) Download
18CA XGI Technology Inc. (eXtreme Graphics Innovation) Download
1D72 Xiaomi Download
10EE Xilinx Corporation Download
131E Xinex Networks Inc Download
14A5 XIONICS Document Technologies Inc Download
12A9 Xiotech Corporation Download
115D Xircom Download
E4E4 Xorcom Download
14B3 XPEED Inc Download
11B8 XPoint Technologies, Inc Download
199D Xsigo Systems Download
1247 Xylon Research, Inc. Download
122E Xyratex Download
1D93 YADRO (KNS Group) Download
1073 Yamaha Corporation Download
1564 Yamakatsu Electronics Industry Co Ltd Download
150B YAMASHITA Systems Corp Download
130E Yamatake-Honeywell Co. Ltd Download
1E49 Yangtze Memory Technologies Co.,Ltd Download
13CB Yano Electric Co Ltd Download
1313 Yaskawa Electric Co. Download
1422 Ygrec Systems Co Ltd Download
1281 Yokogawa Electric Corporation Download
170C YottaYotta Inc. Download
1053 Young Micro Systems Download
12AB YUAN High-Tech Development Co., Ltd. Download
17CF Z-Com, Inc. Download
1473 ZAPEX Technologies Inc Download
1491 ZEAL Corporation Download
1193 Zeitnet Inc. Download
1024 Zenith Data Systems Download
112C Zenith Data Systems Download
15F9 Zenith Electronics Corp Download
1D17 Zhaoxin Download
1138 Ziatech Corporation Download
109D Zida Technologies Ltd. Download
1121 Zilog Download
15FB Zilog Inc Download
110D Znyx Advanced Systems Download
15B0 Zoltrix International Ltd Download
31AB Zonet Download
1CCF Zoom Corporation Download
141B Zoom Telephonics Inc Download
11DE Zoran Corporation Download
19DA ZOTAC International (MCO) Ltd. Download
12EA Zuken Download
6688 Zycoo Co., Ltd Download
13EC Zydacron Inc Download
2116 ZyDAS Technology Corp. Download
167B ZyDAS Technology Corp. Download
19BA ZyXEL Communications Corp. Download
187E ZyXEL Communications Corporation Download
0308 ZyXEL Communications Corporation (Wrong ID) Download

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