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MikroTik RB711A-5Hn-M Router Board Firmware 6.10 Download

Posted at June 15, 2024 by PCI-DB Team

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Device NameMikroTik RB711A-5Hn-M Router Board Firmware 6.10
CategoryRouter Switch Access Point
File Size11.3 MB
Supported OSOS Independent

MikroTik RB711A-5Hn-M Router Board Firmware 6.10 Description

- Fix autosupout.rif generation after kernel panic
- OVPN - make it work again
- OVPN client - remove cipher=any & auth=any options, protocol does not support them
- PPTP - fixed where Windows & MacOS clients were disconnecting all the time
- SSTP - make it work with Windows client with AES encryption
- IPv6 pool - fix dynamic prefix disappearing which may influence large VPNs with IPv6
- SSH client - fix key agreement when sometimes wrong DH algorithm was selected
- BGP - multipath eBGP now does not propagate BGP nexthop unless forced in configuration
- Removed 10/100 half duplex from autonegotiation advertisement on CCR

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