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NETGEAR SRX5308 Firewall Firmware 4.3.2-7 Download

Posted at April 20, 2024 by PCI-DB Team

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Device NameNETGEAR SRX5308 Firewall Firmware 4.3.2-7
CategoryRouter Switch Access Point
File Size25.1 MB
Supported OSOS Independent

NETGEAR SRX5308 Firewall Firmware 4.3.2-7 Description

Bug Fixes:

- When the router static route is private ,it also sends the static route in RIP
- Allows to use the bandwidth profile for a schedule based Firewall rule
- Fixed Device is vulnerable for POODLE SSLv3 vulnerability (CVE-2014-3566)
- Fixed Device is vulnerable for CVE-2014-3568
- SNMP node "nlogSyslogState" should be editable
- No DHCP server log and help page missing
- nvpnSSLVPNPolicyClientAddressRangeBegin nvpnSSLVPNPolicyClientAddressRangeEnd should not be allowed to set to and
- On SSL VPN Client page, Start IP can't be greater than End IP
- Cannot enter 0 in last octet of LAN user in LAN-WAN outbound rule
- [CLI]Client routes added from SSL_VPN Wizard are not reflecting in both GUI and CLI
- Unable to access GUI after adding static route with private enabled
- [CLI]Unable to add schedule based firewall rules from CLI
- Real QoS values aren't same as online help
- IPSec VPN to client: VPN cannot establish when "Remote IP" select "Range"
- Not able to add 4th rule in QoS rate control.
- Start port cannot be equal to finish port when define a service

Known Issues and limitations:

- Not able to establish IPV6 SSL-VPN tunnel from java based browsers with java 8 update 20 version.
- Unable to run the FTP traffic from FileZilla client over SSL Port forwading tunnel in the windows7 64 bit host
- Unable to establish port forwarding tunnel from windows7 64 bit IE9 browser.
- Internet Traffic Statistics are not getting updated correctly in auto rollover mode
- NFS service support: Only support NFS v4 "mount" command, do not support NFS v2, v3 and "showmount" command
- No NAT translation of SIP headers during REGISTER, outbound call and SDP
- Observed inconstistant behaviour with voice traffic when server is lying in LAN and DMZ side
- Unable to establish the fourth call from LAN side.
- Unable to establish the IPV6 manual tunnel with traffic selector as ANY/ANY
- Able to Configure IPV6 Address pools and DMZ adverisements prefixes through CLI when DMZ is not enabled
- [CLI]Firewalllogs6 table is not updating properly for enabling and disabling logs through cli
- Able to run Port triggering inbound traffic with the open port from any WAN hosts
- Daylight saving functionality is not working for time zone "GMT-0"
- PPPoE over IPv6 WANs are getting restarted and IPv4 WAN is not responding after changing WAN mode for multiple times
- Able to establish VPN gw-gw tunnel with mismatch user-FQDN and able to run traffic
- Traffic is not following WAN upload or down load(higher one of them )speeds if the upload and down load speeds having large difference
- Unable to establish L2TP connection from WAN secondary addresses fail
- [IPv6]Unable to run the ftp ,http,iperf traffic on pppoe over ipv6 with DHCP option as "Disable-DHCPv6"
- Able to select same wan for both primary and secondary wans for auto rollover WAN mode in ipv4/ipv6 dual stack mode
- Unable to get the IP to LAN host after rebooting the device continuously for over night
- [IPv6]Displaying the message as address not found instead of 'Blocked from this Browser' for IPv6 policy 'Deny Login From Defined Browsers'


- Support 5 VoIP phone calls. Next release we will support 50 VoIP phone calls

  It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available.

Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver. This will help if you installed an incorrect or mismatched driver. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer.

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