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NETGEAR FS726TP Switch Firmware Download

Posted at March 28, 2023 by PCI-DB Team

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Device NameNETGEAR FS726TP Switch Firmware
CategoryRouter Switch Access Point
File Size285 MB
Supported OSOS Independent

NETGEAR FS726TP Switch Firmware Description


- This firmware adds support of the new Smart Control Center to the switch.
- It does not contain any other enhancement or bug fix.
- Only upgrade to this firmware if you have downloaded and installed the Smart Control Center.  
- The upgrade process requires the use of the Smart Control Center software.
- Once the switch has been upgraded to this firmware, it can only be discovered and managed by the Smart Control Center and can no longer be discovered nor managed by the Smartwizard Discovery Utiltiy.

New Features:

- Support the new Smart Control Center software.

Known Issues:

- Upgrade can only be done via the port that is a member of VLAN 1 

Upgrade Instructions:

- Download the new firmware to a convenient place on your local system (e.g., C:downloads).
- Extract the ZIP file into two files.
- First, you need to upgrade the boot code of the switch using the Smartwizard Discovery utility. Start Smartwizard Discovery utility, (included on the CD that came with your Smart Switch). If it is not installed, do so now, before continuing.
- In Smartwizard Discovery window, click Discover to find your Smart Switch. The switch will be listed in the device list table once found. (Note: Smartwizard Discovery uses broadcast packets to find Smart Switches, which means it can only find Smart Switches in the same routing domain.)
- Highlight the Smart Switch to upgrade and click Firmware Upgrade.
- Select the file FS726TP_BootCode_SCC.hex and enter the administrative password of the switch. Click Apply. Then, click Start Upgrade. Follow the screen prompts to complete the upgrade. Smartwizard Discovery will report a successful completion at the end.
- The switch will automatically reboot with the new boot code. Once it is rebooted, it can no longer be disocovered by the Smartwizard Discovery utility. Start the Smart Control Center software. The switch will be discovered by the Smart Control Center.
- Upgrade the switch firmware with the file FS726TP_V2.0.1_02.bin using the Smart Control Center.

Downgrade the switch from version 2.x firmware to version 1.x firmware:

- Using the Smart Control Center, download the version 1 boot code to the switch.
- Once the firmware download completed, the switch can no longer be discovered by the Smart Control Center. Start the Smartwizard Discovery Utility. The switch will be discovered with no firmware.
- Using the Smartwizard Discovery Utility, download the version 1.x firmware to the switch 

About Switch Firmware:

Given the large variety of models and different methods for upgrading the switch, if you wish to apply this package, we recommend that you read and understand the installation steps before you install a new firmware, even if you are a power user.

Usually the update procedure isn't much of a hassle as manufacturers try to make it as simple as possible; however, there are cases that are exceptions to this rule. First off, go to the system information page of the switch to check that the currently installed version isn't either newer or matching this release.

Applying a new firmware can decrease the security vulnerabilities, enhance overall performance and compatibility, improve various power management functions, resolve different errors, and add support for newly developed technologies and protocols.

It is recommended that you perform this step in a steady power environment such as the one ensured by a UPS unit, and that you don't interrupt the upgrade in any way, because this might cause the switch to malfunction.

That being said, click the download button, get and apply the new version, and check back with our website constantly to stay up to speed with the latest releases.

  It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available.

Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver. This will help if you installed an incorrect or mismatched driver. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer.

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