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NETGEAR EX2700 Range Extender Firmware Download

Posted at September 30, 2022 by PCI-DB Team

Device NameNETGEAR EX2700 Range Extender Firmware
CategoryRouter Switch Access Point
File Size3.3 MB
Supported OSOS Independent

NETGEAR EX2700 Range Extender Firmware Description

New Features & Enhancements:

- Supports CE EN300-328. 1.8.1 compliance 

Bug Fixes:

- Fixed throughput drop issue
- Fixed the symptom that DHCP IP would be changed after 24 hours.
- Fixed IPv6 DNS hijack problem
- Corrects auto-detection between WPA2-PSK [TKIP] or WPA-PSK[AES]


- To avoid wireless disconnect issue during the firmware download process, NETGEAR recommends that firmware upgrade be performed on a computer with wired connection.

To Upgrade

- Download and extract the new firmware to a convenient place such as your desktop
- Log in to the device using a Web browser.
- Click Maintenance > Firmware Upgrade
- Click Browse and find the file you just downloaded.
- Click Upload. While the firmware is loading, do not interrupt the upgrade process.

About Range Extender Firmware:

If you intend to apply this firmware, first go to the system information page of the extender and make sure that the currently applied version isn’t either newer or matching this release; you should get the downloadable package only after you have done this.

Updating to a new firmware can resolve vulnerability problems, fix various compatibility issues, enhanced existing features, correct different language-related errors, and improve overall performance and stability.

As for the installation steps, since there are numerous extender models, it would be best if you read and, above all, understand the update procedure before you proceed to applying the new firmware; this holds true even if you are a power user.

Bear in mind, that during the upgrade, you mustn’t use the device’s buttons or interrupt the process in any way. Doing so can cause serious malfunctions to the wireless extender.

Therefore, if this firmware satisfies your needs, get the desired version, and install it to your system; if not, check with our website as often as possible so that you don’t miss the update that will improve your device. 

  It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available.

Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver. This will help if you installed an incorrect or mismatched driver. Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer.

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