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PCI\VEN_1093&DEV_D290 National Instruments Device Driver Download for Windows

Posted at December 4, 2023 by PCI-DB Team

Install Driver Automatically
Vendor ID1093
Vendor NameNational Instruments
Device IDD290
Device NamePCI-485/8 Interface

Download the latest version of PCI\VEN_1093&DEV_D290 drivers according to your computer's operating system. All downloads available on this website have been scanned by the latest anti-virus software and are guaranteed to be virus and malware-free.

PCI\VEN_1093&DEV_D290 Drivers

ASRock IMB-161-D Realtek Audio Driver

Device Type: Sound Card File Size: 131.4 MB Windows XP ,Windows Vista ,Windows XP 64 bit ,Windows Vista 64 bit ,Windows 7 ,Windows 7 64 bit ,Windows 8 ,Windows 8 64 bit

Install Driver

TerraTec Cinergy 1400 DVB-T TV Tuner Driver 4.85

Device Type: Tv Tuner Co File Size: 28.1 MB Windows XP ,Windows XP 64 bit

Install Driver

Realtek Gigabit Ethernet PCI/PCI Express Driver 8.047.0714.2016 for Windows 8/Windows 8.1

Device Type: Network Card File Size: 10 KB Windows 8 ,Windows 8 64 bit ,Windows Server 2012 ,Windows 8.1 ,Windows 8.1 64 bit ,Windows 10

Install Driver

TerraTec Cinergy 1400 DVB-T XE TV Tuner Driver 4.85

Device Type: Tv Tuner Co File Size: 27.5 MB Windows XP ,Windows XP 64 bit

Install Driver

MSI P43-C51 Realtek PCI-e LAN Driver 5.728.0608.2009 for XP

Device Type: Network Card File Size: 4.9 MB Windows XP ,Windows XP 64 bit

Install Driver

Another PCI\VEN_1093 Devices

Device IDDevice NameAction
E241PCI-CAN/LS2 Download
E261PCI-CAN/DS Download
D250PCI-232/2 (Isolated) Interface Download
D260PCI-485/2 (Isolated) Interface Download
D270PCI-232/4 (Isolated) Interface Download
D280PCI-485/4 (Isolated) Interface Download
D290PCI-485/8 Interface Download
D2B0PCI-232/16 Interface Download
E111PCI-CAN Download
E141PCI-CAN/LS Download
E211PCI-CAN/2 Download
D150PCI-232/8 Interface Download
D160PCI-485/2 Interface Download
D170PCI-485/4 Interface Download
B0B1PCI-1409 Download
B0E1PCI-1428 Download
C801PCI-GPIB Download
C811PCI-GPIB+ Download
C840PCI-GPIB Download
D130PCI-232/2 Interface Download
D140PCI-232/4 Interface Download
A001PCI-MXI-2 Download
B001PCI-1408 Download
B021PCI-1424 Download
B031PCI-1413 Download
B041PCI-1407 Download
B061PCI-1411 Download
B071PCI-1422 Download
9090PCI-4021 Download
745FPCI-5153EX Download
7461PCI-5154EX Download
73F1PCI-5153 Download
73BDPCI-8516 LIN Download
73BFPCI-8517 FlexRay Download
73C0PCI-8531 CANopen Download
73C1PCI-8531 CANopen Download
73C2PCI-8532 DeviceNet Download
73C3PCI-8532 DeviceNet Download
73B6PCI-8511 CAN/LS Download
73B7PCI-8511 CAN/LS Download
73B8PCI-8512 CAN/HS Download
73B9PCI-8512 CAN/HS Download
73BAPCI-8513 CAN/XS Download
73BBPCI-8513 CAN/XS Download
734APCI-5154 Download
7310PCI-5922EX Download
72A9PCI-5152 Download
72ABPCI-5105 Download
727BPCI-6239 Download
7281PCI-6236 Download
71E3PCI-5406 Download
7209PCI-6233 Download
720BPCI-6238 Download
7261PCI-5142 Download
7279PCI-6232 Download
71BCPCI-6221 (37-pin) Download
71C5PCI-6520 Download
71DCPCI-1588 Download
71E0PCI-6255 Download
71ADPCI-GPIB+ Download
7187PCI-1410 Download
718BPCI-6521 Download
7191PCI-6154 Download
7194PCI-7813R Download
7195PCI-8254R Download
7198PCI-5402 Download
715DPCI-1426 Download
7168PCI-5412 Download
716BPCI-6230 Download
716CPCI-6225 Download
716FPCI-4461 Download
7170PCI-4462 Download
7171PCI-6010 Download
7145PCI-5124 Download
7146PCI-6132 Download
7148PCI-6122 Download
714DPCI-5114 Download
7152PCI-5640R Download
711CPCI-6562 Download
7120PCI-7390 Download
7122PCI-5122EX Download
7124PCI-6510 Download
7125PCI-6516 Download
7126PCI-6517 Download
7127PCI-6518 Download
7128PCI-6519 Download
7110PCI-5422 Download
711BPCI-6561 Download
70EFPCI-8433/4 (Isolated RS-485) Interface Download
70F1PCI-5922 Download
70F2PCI-6224 Download
70E4PCI-8430/8 (RS-232) Interface Download
70E5PCI-8431/8 (RS-485) Interface Download
70E7PCI-8430/16 (RS-232) Interface Download
70EAPCI-8432/2 (Isolated RS-232) Interface Download
70EBPCI-8433/2 (Isolated RS-485) Interface Download
70EEPCI-8432/4 (Isolated RS-232) Interface Download
70D9PCI-6541 Download
70DAPCI-6542 Download
70DBPCI-8430/2 (RS-232) Interface Download
70DCPCI-8431/2 (RS-485) Interface Download
70DFPCI-8430/4 (RS-232) Interface Download
70E0PCI-8431/4 (RS-485) Interface Download
70CAPCI-1405 Download
70CCPCI-6512 Download
70D4PCI-6722 Download
70BCPCI-6284 Download
70BDPCI-6281 Download
70C0PCI-6143 Download
70C3PCI-6511 Download
70C6PCI-7330 Download
70C7PCI-7340 Download
70C8PCI-6513 Download
70AFPCI-6221 Download
70B0PCI-6220 Download
70B4PCI-6250 Download
70B6PCI-6280 Download
70B7PCI-6254 Download
70B8PCI-6251 Download
7085PCI-6509 Download
7087PCI-6515 Download
7088PCI-6514 Download
70A9PCI-6528 Download
70AAPCI-6229 Download
70ABPCI-6259 Download
70ACPCI-6289 Download
7073PCI-6723 Download
7076PCI-6552 Download
7083PCI-7833R Download
705APCI-CAN/XS (Series 2) Download
705BPCI-CAN/XS2 (Series 2) Download
7068PCI-CAN/SW (Series 2) Download
7069PCI-CAN/SW2 (Series 2) Download
7056PCI-7830R Download
7027PCI-MXI-2 Universal Download
702DPCI-7831R Download
702FPCI-7811R Download
7030PCI-CAN (Series 2) Download
7031PCI-CAN/2 (Series 2) Download
7032PCI-CAN/LS (Series 2) Download
7033PCI-CAN/LS2 (Series 2) Download
7034PCI-CAN/DS (Series 2) Download
2ED0PCI-6115 Download
2EF0PCI-6120 Download
2FD1PCI-7334 Download
2FD2PCI-7350 Download
2FD3PCI-7342 Download
7003PCI-6551 Download
700CPCI-5421 Download
2C60PCI-6601 Download
2C80PCI-6035E Download
2C90PCI-6703 Download
2CA0PCI-6034E Download
2CB0PCI-7344 Download
2DB0PCI-6608 Download
2DC0PCI-4070 Download
2A60PCI-6023E Download
2A70PCI-6024E Download
2A80PCI-6025E Download
2B20PCI-6527 Download
2510PCI-4472 Download
2520PCI-4474 Download
27A0PCI-6123 Download
2890PCI-6036E Download
28B0PCI-6013 Download
28C0PCI-6014 Download
28D0PCI-5122 Download
1AD0PCI-6133 Download
1E30PCI-6624 Download
2410PCI-6733 Download
2430PCI-6731 Download
2470PCI-4474 Download
24A0PCI-4065 Download
17D0PCI-6503 Download
1870PCI-6713 Download
1880PCI-6711 Download
18B0PCI-6052E Download
1930PCI-6040E Download
19C0PCI-4472 Download
12B0PCI-6534 Download
1310PCI-6602 Download
1330PCI-6031E Download
1340PCI-6033E Download
1350PCI-6071E Download
14E0PCI-6110 Download
14F0PCI-6111 Download
0162PCI-MIO-16XE-50 Download
1150PCI-6533 (PCI-DIO-32HS) Download
1170PCI-MIO-16XE-10 Download
1180PCI-MIO-16E-1 Download
1190PCI-MIO-16E-4 Download
1270PCI-6032E Download
1290PCI-6704 Download
0160PCI-DIO-96 Download
E251PXI-8460 (2 ports) Download
E271PXI-8462 Download
F110VMEpc-650 Download
F120VXIpc-650 Download
FE00VXIpc-87x Download
FE41VXIpc-860 Download
FE51VXIpc-74x Download
FE61VXIpc-850 Download
FE70VXIpc-880 Download
D2A0PXI-8421/8 (RS-485) Interface Download
E131PXI-8461 (1 port) Download
E151PXI-8460 (1 port) Download
E231PXI-8461 (2 ports) Download
D190PXI-8422/2 (Isolated RS-232) Interface Download
D1A0PXI-8422/4 (Isolated RS-232) Interface Download
D1B0PXI-8423/2 (Isolated RS-485) Interface Download
D1C0PXI-8423/4 (Isolated RS-485) Interface Download
D1D0PXI-8420/2 (RS-232) Interface Download
D1E0PXI-8420/4 (RS-232) Interface Download
D1F0PXI-8420/8 (RS-232) Interface Download
D1F1PXI-8420/16 (RS-232) Interface Download
D230PXI-8421/2 (RS-485) Interface Download
D240PXI-8421/4 (RS-485) Interface Download
B091PXI-1411 Download
B0C1PXI-1409 Download
C4C4PXIe/PCIe Device Download
C821PXI-GPIB Download
C831PMC-GPIB Download
B011PXI-1408 Download
B022PXI-1424 Download
B051PXI-1407 Download
B081PXI-1422 Download
76A5PXIe-6537B Download
783EPXI-8368 Download
9020PXI-2501 Download
9030PXI-2503 Download
9040PXI-2527 Download
9050PXI-2565 Download
9060PXI-2590 Download
9070PXI-2591 Download
9080PXI-2580 Download
90A0PXI-4021 Download
7657PXI-2799 Download
765DPXI-2542 Download
765EPXIe-2542 Download
765FPXI-2544 Download
7660PXIe-2544 Download
766DPCIe-6535B Download
766EPCIe-6536B Download
766FPCIe-6537B Download
76A3PXIe-6535B Download
76A4PXIe-6536B Download
764CPXI-2520 Download
764DPXI-2521 Download
764EPXI-2522 Download
764FPXI-2523 Download
7654PXI-2796 Download
7655PXI-2797 Download
7656PXI-2798 Download
7626NI 9154 Download
7627NI 9155 Download
7638PXI-2720 Download
7639PXI-2722 Download
763APXIe-2725 Download
763BPXIe-2727 Download
763CPXI-4465 Download
764BPXIe-2790 Download
75BBPXIe-2543 Download
75E5PXI-6683 Download
75E6PXI-6683H Download
75EFPXIe-5632 Download
761CVXI-8360LT Download
761FPXI-2540 Download
7620PXIe-2540 Download
7621PXI-2541 Download
7622PXIe-2541 Download
7539NI 9157 Download
753ANI 9159 Download
7598PXI-2571 Download
75A4PXI-4131A Download
75B1PCIe-7854R Download
75BAPXI-2543 Download
7517PCIe-8431/2 (RS-485) Interface Download
7518PCIe-8431/4 (RS-485) Interface Download
751BcRIO-9081 Download
751CcRIO-9082 Download
7528PXIe-4497 Download
7529PXIe-4499 Download
752APXIe-4492 Download
74C3PXIe-8431/16 (RS-485) Interface Download
74C4PXIe-8431/8 (RS-485) Interface Download
74D5PXIe-5630 Download
74D9PCIe-8432/2 (Isolated RS-232) Interface Download
74DAPCIe-8433/2 (Isolated RS-485) Interface Download
74DBPCIe-8432/4 (Isolated RS-232) Interface Download
74DCPCIe-8433/4 (Isolated RS-485) Interface Download
74E8NI 9148 Download
7515PCIe-8430/2 (RS-232) Interface Download
7516PCIe-8430/4 (RS-232) Interface Download
746DPXIe-5650 Download
746EPXIe-5651 Download
746FPXIe-5652 Download
7472PXI-2800 Download
7495PXIe-5603 Download
7497PXIe-5605 Download
74AEPXIe-2515 Download
74B4PXI-2531 Download
74B5PXIe-2531 Download
74C1PXIe-8430/16 (RS-232) Interface Download
74C2PXIe-8430/8 (RS-232) Interface Download
741CPXI-5691 Download
741DPXI-5695 Download
743CCSC-3059 Download
7448PXI-2510 Download
7454PXI-2512 Download
7455PXI-2514 Download
7456PXIe-2512 Download
7457PXIe-2514 Download
745APXI-6682H Download
745EPXI-5153EX Download
7460PXI-5154EX Download
73F8cRIO-9113 Download
73F9cRIO-9114 Download
73FAcRIO-9116 Download
73FBcRIO-9118 Download
7404PXI-4132 Download
7405PXIe-6674T Download
7406PXIe-6674 Download
740EPCIe-8430/16 (RS-232) Interface Download
740FPCIe-8430/8 (RS-232) Interface Download
7410PCIe-8431/16 (RS-485) Interface Download
7411PCIe-8431/8 (RS-485) Interface Download
7414PCIe-GPIB+ Download
73CCPXIe-2593 Download
73D5PXI-7951R Download
73D6PXI-7952R Download
73D7PXI-7953R Download
73E1PXI-7854R Download
73ECPXI-7954R Download
73EDcRIO-9073 Download
73F0PXI-5153 Download
73F4PXI-2515 Download
73F6cRIO-9111 Download
73F7cRIO-9112 Download
73C5PXIe-2527 Download
73C6PXIe-2529 Download
73C8PXIe-2530 Download
73C9PXIe-2532 Download
73CAPXIe-2569 Download
73CBPXIe-2575 Download
73AFPXI-8516 LIN Download
73B1PXI-8517 FlexRay Download
73B2PXI-8531 CANopen Download
73B3PXI-8531 CANopen Download
73B4PXI-8532 DeviceNet Download
73B5PXI-8532 DeviceNet Download
739BsbRIO-9642 Download
73A1PXIe-4498 Download
73A2PXIe-4496 Download
73A5PXIe-5641R Download
73A7PXI-8250 Chassis Monitor Module Download
73A8PXI-8511 CAN/LS Download
73A9PXI-8511 CAN/LS Download
73AAPXI-8512 CAN/HS Download
73ABPXI-8512 CAN/HS Download
73ACPXI-8513 CAN/XS Download
73ADPXI-8513 CAN/XS Download
7386PCIe-7851R Download
7387PCIe-7852R Download
7390PXI-7841R Download
7391PXI-7842R Download
7392PXI-7853R Download
7393PCIe-7841R Download
7394PCIe-7842R Download
7397sbRIO-9611 Download
7398sbRIO-9612 Download
7399sbRIO-9631 Download
739AsbRIO-9632 Download
7384PXI-7851R Download
7385PXI-7852R Download
7349PXI-5154 Download
7357PXI-4065 Download
7359PXI-4495 Download
7370PXI-4461 Download
7373sbRIO-9601 Download
7374IOtech-9601 Download
7375sbRIO-9602 Download
7378sbRIO-9641 Download
737DPXI-5124EX Download
731CPXI-2535 Download
731DPXI-2536 Download
7322PXIe-6124 Download
7327PXI-6529 Download
732CVXI-8360T Download
7331PXIe-5602 Download
7332PXIe-5601 Download
7333PXI-5900 Download
7335PXI-2533 Download
7336PXI-2534 Download
7342PXI-4461 Download
72D6PXI-2556 Download
72D7PXI-2557 Download
72D8PXI-2558 Download
72D9PXI-2559 Download
72E8PXIe-6251 Download
72E9PXIe-6259 Download
72EFPXI-4498 Download
72F0PXI-4496 Download
72FBPXIe-6672 Download
730EPXI-4130 Download
730FPXI-5922EX Download
72A8PXI-5152 Download
72AAPXI-5105 Download
72B8PXI-6682 Download
72D0PXI-2545 Download
72D1PXI-2546 Download
72D2PXI-2547 Download
72D3PXI-2548 Download
72D4PXI-2549 Download
72D5PXI-2555 Download
727APXI-6232 Download
727CPXI-6239 Download
727ESMBus Controller Download
7282PXI-6236 Download
7283PXI-2554 Download
7288PXIe-5611 Download
7293PCIe-8255R Download
729DcRIO-9074 Download
72A4PCIe-4065 Download
72A7PCIe-6537 Download
71FCPXI-4022 Download
720APXI-6233 Download
720CPXI-6238 Download
7260PXI-5142 Download
726DPXI-5651 Download
7273PXI-4461 Download
7274PXI-4462 Download
71B7PXI-1056 Trigger Routing Module Download
71B8PXI-1045 Trigger Routing Module Download
71B9PXI-1044 Trigger Routing Module Download
71BBPXI-2584 Download
71BFPCIe-1427 Download
71C6PXI-2576 Download
71C7cRIO-9072 Download
71E1PXI-6255 Download
71E2PXI-5406 Download
719FPCIe-6535 Download
71A0PCIe-6536 Download
71A3PXI-5650 Download
71A4PXI-5652 Download
71A5PXI-2594 Download
71A7PXI-2595 Download
71A9PXI-2596 Download
71AAPXI-2597 Download
71ABPXI-2598 Download
71ACPXI-2599 Download
71AEPCIe-1430 Download
717DPCIe-6251 Download
717FPCIe-6259 Download
718CPXI-6521 Download
7193PXI-7813R Download
7197PXI-5402 Download
7156PXI-1044 Trigger Routing Module Download
7167PXI-5412 Download
716DPXI-6225 Download
7174PXI-8360 Download
7177PXI-6230 Download
7142PXI-4224 Download
7144PXI-5124 Download
7147PXI-6132 Download
7149PXI-6122 Download
714CPXI-5114 Download
7150PXI-2564 Download
7121PXI-5122EX Download
7123PXIe-5653 Download
7137PXI-2575 Download
713CPXI-2585 Download
713DPXI-2586 Download
7104PCIx-1429 Download
7105PCIe-1429 Download
710APXI-4071 Download
710DPXI-6143 Download
710EPCIe-GPIB Download
710FPXI-5422 Download
7111PXI-5441 Download
7119PXI-6561 Download
711APXI-6562 Download
70F0PXI-5922 Download
70F3PXI-6224 Download
70F6cRIO-9101 Download
70F7cRIO-9103 Download
70F8cRIO-9104 Download
70FFPXI-6723 Download
7100PXI-6722 Download
70E3PXI-8431/8 (RS-485) Interface Download
70E6PXI-8430/16 (RS-232) Interface Download
70E8PXI-8432/2 (Isolated RS-232) Interface Download
70E9PXI-8433/2 (Isolated RS-485) Interface Download
70ECPXI-8432/4 (Isolated RS-232) Interface Download
70EDPXI-8433/4 (Isolated RS-485) Interface Download
70D7PXI-6541 Download
70D8PXI-6542 Download
70DDPXI-8430/4 (RS-232) Interface Download
70DEPXI-8431/4 (RS-485) Interface Download
70E1PXI-2532 Download
70E2PXI-8430/8 (RS-232) Interface Download
70CDPXI-6514 Download
70CEPXI-1405 Download
70CFPCIe-GPIB Download
70D0PXI-2570 Download
70D1PXI-6513 Download
70D2PXI-6512 Download
70D3PXI-6511 Download
70D6PXI-4072 Download
70BEPXI-6284 Download
70BFPXI-6281 Download
70C4PXI-7330 Download
70C5PXI-7340 Download
70C9PXI-6515 Download
70B1PXI-6229 Download
70B2PXI-6259 Download
70B3PXI-6289 Download
70B5PXI-6221 Download
70B9PXI-6250 Download
70BAPXI-6254 Download
70BBPXI-6280 Download
7086PXI-6528 Download
708CPXI-2568 Download
708DPXI-2569 Download
70ADPXI-6251 Download
70AEPXI-6220 Download
706APXI-8463 (Series 2, 1 port) Download
706BPXI-8463 (Series 2, 2 ports) Download
7074PXI-7833R Download
7075PXI-6552 Download
707CPXI-1428 Download
707EPXI-4462 Download
7080PXI-8430/2 (RS-232) Interface Download
7081PXI-8431/2 (RS-485) Interface Download
705CPXI-8464 (Series 2, 1 port) Download
705DPXI-8464 (Series 2, 2 ports) Download
705EcRIO-9102 Download
7060PXI-5610 Download
7064PXI-1045 Trigger Routing Module Download
7065PXI-6652 Download
7066PXI-6651 Download
7067PXI-2529 Download
7035PXI-8460 (Series 2, 1 port) Download
7036PXI-8460 (Series 2, 2 ports) Download
7037PXI-8461 (Series 2, 1 port) Download
7038PXI-8461 (Series 2, 2 ports) Download
7039PXI-8462 (Series 2) Download
703FPXI-2566 Download
7040PXI-2567 Download
7044MXI-4 Connection Monitor Download
7047PXI-6653 Download
704CPXI-2530 Download
704FPXI-4220 Download
7050PXI-4204 Download
7055PXI-7830R Download
701BVXIpc-770 Download
7023PXI-2593 Download
702CPXI-7831R Download
702EPXI-7811R Download
2EE0PXI-6120 Download
2FD5PXI-7350 Download
2FD6PXI-7342 Download
7004PXI-6551 Download
700BPXI-5421 Download
701AVXIpc-87xB Download
2C70PXI-6601 Download
2CC0PXI-6608 Download
2D20PXI-5600 Download
2DD0PXI-4070 Download
2EB0PXI-4472 Download
2EC0PXI-6115 Download
29F0PXI-7334 Download
2A00PXI-7344 Download
2AB0PXI-6025E Download
2B10PXI-6527 Download
2B80PXI-6713 Download
2B90PXI-6711 Download
24F0PXI-4472 Download
27B0PXI-6123 Download
2880DAQCard-6601 Download
28A0PXI-4461 Download
28E0PXI-5122 Download
1AE0PXI-6133 Download
1E40PXI-6624 Download
1E50PXI-5404 Download
2420PXI-6733 Download
24B0PXI-4200 Download
1580PXI-6031E Download
15B0PXI-6071E Download
1710PXI-6509 Download
17C0PXI-5690 Download
18C0PXI-6052E Download
1920PXI-6704 Download
1AA0PXI-4110 Download
1320PXI-6533 Download
1360PXI-6602 Download
13C0PXI-6508 Download
1490PXI-6534 Download
0FE1PXI-8320 Download
11B0PXI-6070E Download
11C0PXI-6040E Download
11D0PXI-6030E Download

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