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USB\VEN_1D50&DEV_6013 OpenMoko, Inc. Device Driver Download for Windows

Posted at April 24, 2024 by PCI-DB Team

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Vendor ID1D50
Vendor NameOpenMoko, Inc.
Device ID6013
Device NameDiscFerret magnetic disc analyser (bootloader)

Download the latest version of USB\VEN_1D50&DEV_6013 drivers according to your computer's operating system. All downloads available on this website have been scanned by the latest anti-virus software and are guaranteed to be virus and malware-free.

USB\VEN_1D50&DEV_6013 Drivers

OPPO BDP-103/BDP-105 Blu-ray Disc Player Firmware BDP10X-50-0323B (CD)

Device Type: Firmware File Size: 106 MB Windows XP ,Windows Vista ,Windows XP 64 bit ,Windows Vista 64 bit ,Windows 7 ,Windows 7 64 bit

Install Driver

Trinamic PD-146 PANdrive CANopen Firmware 303

Device Type: Firmware File Size: 303 KB OS Independent

Install Driver

Trinamic PD-146 PANdrive CANopen Firmware 309

Device Type: Firmware File Size: 309 KB OS Independent

Install Driver

Google Android Bootloader Interface Driver for Windows 10

Device Type: Mobiles File Size: 8.2 MB Windows 10 ,Windows 10 64 bit

Install Driver

RME DIGICheck Driver 5.2

Device Type: Sound Card File Size: 949 KB Windows All

Install Driver

Trinamic PD-146 PANdrive Firmware 442

Device Type: Firmware File Size: 118 KB OS Independent

Install Driver

Google Android Bootloader Interface Driver

Device Type: Mobiles File Size: 8.2 MB Windows 7 ,Windows 7 64 bit ,Windows 8 ,Windows 8 64 bit ,Windows 8.1 ,Windows 8.1 64 bit

Install Driver

Trinamic PD-146 PANdrive CANopen Firmware 305

Device Type: Firmware File Size: 309 KB OS Independent

Install Driver

TP-Link Android Bootloader Interface Driver for Windows 8.1

Device Type: Mobiles File Size: 8.2 MB Windows 8.1 ,Windows 8.1 64 bit

Install Driver

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610DMagic Keys Download
6114MIDI key Download
60FCOnlyKey Two-factor Authentication and Password Solution Download
6100overlay64 video overlay module Download
6104ScopeFun open source instrumentation Download
6108Myriad-RF LimeSDR Download
60F6EightByEight Blinky Badge Download
60F7cardio NFC/RFID card reader (bootloader) Download
60F8cardio NFC/RFID card reader Download
60F2UDAD-T2 data aquisition device (boot) Download
60F3UDAD-T2 data aquisition device Download
60F4Uniti ARC motor controller Download
60F5EightByEight Blinky Badge (DFU) Download
60EEDuet 3 motion control electronics Download
60F0UDAD-T1 data aquisition device (boot) Download
60F1UDAD-T1 data aquisition device Download
60EBcandleLight CAN adapter Download
60ECDuet 2 WiFi or Duet 2 Ethernet 3D printer control electronics Download
60EDDuet 2 Maestro 3D printer control electronics Download
60E8Alpen Clack keyboard Download
60E9keyman64 keyboard itercepter Download
60EAWiggleport FPGA-based I/O board Download
60E6replacement for GoodFET/FaceDancer - GreatFet Download
60E7replacement for GoodFET/FaceDancer - GreatFet target Download
60E2Osmocom SIMtrace 2 (DFU) Download
60E3Osmocom SIMtrace 2 Download
60E43D printed racing game - (Catalina CDC bootloader) Download
60E53D printed racing game Download
60DECryptech.is random number generator Download
60DFNumato Opsis HDMI2USB board (unconfigured) Download
60E0Numato Opsis HDMI2USB board (JTAG Programming Mode) Download
60E1Numato Opsis HDMI2USB board (User Mode) Download
60CBPteroDAQ Data Acquisition on FRDM-KL25Z and future boards Download
60CCLamDiNao Download
60CDOpen Lighting DMX512 / RDM widget Download
60C7Zubax GNSS positioning module for light UAV systems Download
60C8Xlink data transfer and control system for Commodore C64 Download
60C9random number generator Download
60CAFinalKey password manager Download
60C3X Antenna Tracker arduino board Download
60C4CAN bus communication device Download
60C5PIC16F1 bootloader Download
60C6USBtrng hardware random number generator Download
60C0Nucular Keyboard adapter Download
60C1BrewBit Model-T pOSHW temperature controller for homebrewers (bootloader) Download
60C2BrewBit Model-T pOSHW temperature controller for homebrewers Download
60BDOpen Source control interface for multimedia applications Download
60BEPixelmatix Aurora (bootloader) Download
60BFPixelmatix Aurora Download
60B9TimVideos' HDMI2USB (Soft+UTMI) - Firmware upgrade Download
60BATimVideos' HDMI2USB (Soft+UTMI) - HDMI/DVI Capture Device Download
60BCSimple CC25xx programmer / serial board Download
60B5TimVideos' HDMI2USB (FX2) - Unconfigured device Download
60B6TimVideos' HDMI2USB (FX2) - Firmware load/upgrade Download
60B7TimVideos' HDMI2USB (FX2) - HDMI/DVI Capture Device Download
60B8TimVideos' HDMI2USB (Soft+UTMI) - Unconfigured device Download
60B2Drinkbot (OTG-tablet support) Download
60B3calc.pw password generator device (standard) Download
60B4calc.pw password generator device (enhanced) Download
60AFClasic Gamepad Adapter (DB9) Download
60B0Waterott Arduino based Clock (caterina bootloader) Download
60B1Drinkbot (processing) Download
60ACOpenBLT generic microcontroller (bootloader) Download
60ADClasic Gamepad Adapter (NES) Download
60AEClasic Gamepad Adapter (N64) Download
60A9Blinky Light Controller (DFU) Download
60AABlinky Light Controller Download
60ABAllPixel Download
60A5Papilio Duo (FPGA) Download
60A6HydraBus/HydraNFC (bootloader) Download
60A7HydraBus/HydraNFC Download
60A8reserved Download
60A1Airspy Download
60A2barebox (DFU) Download
60A3keyboard (bootloader) Download
60A4Papilio Duo (AVR) Download
609DPIC16F145x bootloader Download
609EClyde Lamp by Fabule (bootloader) Download
609FClyde Lamp by Fabule (sketch) Download
60A0Smoothiepanel robotic control interface Download
6099RASDR Radio Astronomy SDR Rx Interface Download
609ARASDR Radio Astronomy SDR Tx Interface Download
609BRASDR Radio Astronomy SDR (bootloader) Download
609CantiAFK keyboard Download
6096LightUp (sketch) Download
6097Tessel JavaScript enabled Microcontroller with built-in WiFi Download
6098RFIDler Download
6092Fx2lafw Download
6093Fx2lafw Download
6094Fx2lafw Download
6095Fx2lafw Download
608EFx2lafw Download
608FFx2lafw Download
6090Fx2lafw Download
6091Fx2lafw Download
608ABLEduino Download
608BLoctronix ASR-2300 SDR/motion sensing module Download
608CFx2lafw Download
608DFx2lafw Download
6087Blinkytape (alternate endpoint config) Download
6088picp PIC16F145x based PIC16F145x programmer Download
6089Great Scott Gadgets HackRF One SDR Download
6084arcin arcade controller (DFU) Download
6085IRKit for controlloing home electronics from iOS devices Download
6086OneRNG entropy device Download
6080arcin arcade controller Download
6081BladeRF (bootloader) Download
6082Facecandy (DFU) Download
6083LightUp (bootloader) Download
607DSpark Core Arduino-compatible board with WiFi Download
607EOSHUG Wuthering multi-tool Download
607FSpark Core Arduino-compatible board with WiFi (bootloader) Download
6079Mood Light Download
607AFadecandy Download
607BRCDongle for IR remote control Download
6075The Glitch RawHID Download
6076Vultureprog BIOS chip programmer Download
6077PaintDuino Download
6078DTplug Download
6072The Glitch Disk Download
6073The Glitch Serial Download
6074The Glitch MIDI Download
606EReefangel Evolution 1.0 Download
606FGeschwister Schneider CAN adapter Download
6070Open Pinball Project Download
6071The Glitch HID Download
606BS08-245, urJtag compatible firmware for S08JS Download
606CBlinkytape full-color light tape Download
606DTinyG open source motion controller Download
6067Orbotron 9000 (Serial) Download
6068Orbotron 9000 (HID) Download
6069xser (DFU) Download
606Axser (legacy) Download
6063CPC FPGA Download
6064CPC FPGA (DFU) Download
6065CPC FPGA (Serial) Download
6066Nuand BladeRF Download
6060Data logger using the Cypress FX2 Download
6061Power Manager Download
6062WhiteRabbit console and Wishbone bridge Download
605DFunky Sensor v2 Download
605EBlinkiverse Analog LED Fader Download
605FSmall DIP package Cypress FX2 Download
6059xser serial Download
605ADaisho test Download
605BRfCat YARD Stick One Download
605CYARD Stick One bootloader Download
6056The Glitch Download
6057OpenPipe MIDI Shield Download
6058Novena OTG port Download
6052APB Team Robotic Development Board Download
6053Darkgame Controller Download
6054Satlab/AAUSAT3 BlueBox Download
6055RADiuS ER900TRS-02 transciever with SMA Connector Download
604FMiniscope v2c Download
6050GoodFET Download
6051pinocc.io Download
604BHackRF Jawbreaker Software-Defined Radio Download
604CMakibox A6 Download
604DPaella Pulse height analyzer Download
604EMiniscope v2b Download
6048RfCat Dons Dongle Download
6049RfCat Chronos bootloader Download
604ARfCat Dons bootloader Download
6046mimus-weigand Download
6047RfCat Chronos Dongle Download
6042Dspace robot controller Download
6043pc-power Download
6040moco Download
6041AlphaSphere (bootloader) Download
603EPaparazzi (Mass Storage) Download
603FairGuitar Download
603CPaparazzi (bootloader) Download
603DPaparazzi (Serial) Download
6039eXtreme Feedback Device Download
603ATiLDA Download
603BRaspiface Download
6035FreeLaserTag Gun Download
6036FreeLaserTag Big Brother Download
6037FreeLaserTag Node Download
6038Monaka Download
6032ncrmnt.org uISP Download
6033frobiac / adnw keyboard Download
6034Tiflomag Ergo 2 Download
602FK-copter Download
6031Handmade GSM GPS tracker Download
602BFPGALink Download
602C5nes5snes (5x8) Download
602D5nes5snes (4x12) Download
602EFlexibity Download
6028Teensy 2.0 Development Board [ErgoDox Keyboard] Download
6029Marlin 2.0 (Serial) Download
602AMarlin 2.0 (Mass Storage) Download
6027Key64 Keyboard Download
6023Pixelkit Download
6024Illucia Download
6025Keyglove (HID) Download
6026Keyglove (Serial) Download
6020Toad3 Download
6021AlphaSphere Download
6022LightPack Download
601CEPOSMote II Download
601DUDS18B20 temperature sensor Download
601E5x5 STM32 prototyping board Download
601FuNSF Download
60194pi 5 axis motion controller Download
601APaparazzi Lisa/M Download
601BIST-2 chronograph for bullet speeds Download
6015Smoothieboard Download
6016phInterface Download
6017Black Magic Debug Probe (DFU) Download
6018Black Magic Debug Probe (Application) Download
6012Universal C64 Cartridge Download
6013DiscFerret magnetic disc analyser (bootloader) Download
6014DiscFerret magnetic disc analyser Download
600EOpenRISC Ordb2a-ep4ce22 development board Download
600FPaparazzi Lisa/M (DFU) Download
6010OpenPipe: OSHW Bagpipes MIDI controller Download
6011LeoLipo (DFU) Download
600BHypna Go Go Download
600CCatNip LPC1343 development board Download
600DEnhanced RoboBrrd Brain board Download
6007LED Flower Download
6008Kisbee 802.15.4 transceiver Download
6009Adjacent Reality Tracker Download
600AAVR Programmer Download
6004LeoLipo Download
6005LED Flower S Download
6006LED Cube Download
6001Ubertooth Zero (DFU) Download
6002Ubertooth One Download
6003Ubertooth One (DFU) Download
53E7IHIFI 960 (Rockbox) Download
53FFGeneric Rockbox device Download
6000Ubertooth Zero Download
53DCSony NWZ-E370/E380 series (Rockbox) Download
53DDSony NWZ-E360 series (Rockbox) Download
53E6IHIFI 760 (Rockbox) Download
53D4HiFi E.T. MA8 (Rockbox) Download
53D5HiFi E.T. MA8C (Rockbox) Download
53BFHiFiMAN HM-801 (Rockbox) Download
53D2HiFi E.T. MA9 (Rockbox) Download
53D3HiFi E.T. MA9C (Rockbox) Download
538ESamsung YH-925 (Rockbox) Download
53A0Packard Bell Vibe 500 (Rockbox) Download
53B4Rockchip 27xx generic (Rockbox) Download
53BEHiFiMAN HM-60x (Rockbox) Download
537BOnda VX777 (Rockbox) Download
538CSamsung YH-820 (Rockbox) Download
538DSamsung YH-920 (Rockbox) Download
5366Philips GoGear HDD63x0 (Rockbox) Download
5378Onda VX747 (Rockbox) Download
5379Onda VX767 (Rockbox) Download
5362Creative Zen (Rockbox) Download
5364Philips GoGear SA9200 (Rockbox) Download
5365Philips GoGear HDD16x0 (Rockbox) Download
535DCreative Zen X-Fi2 (Rockbox) Download
535ECreative Zen X-Fi3 (Rockbox) Download
5360Creative Zen X-Fi (Rockbox) Download
5361Creative ZEN Mozaic (Rockbox) Download
5346Olympus M:Robe 500i (Rockbox) Download
5347Olympus m:robe MR-100 (Rockbox) Download
5359Creative Zen X-Fi Style (Rockbox) Download
5340Sandisk Sansa Fuze+ (Rockbox) Download
5341Sandisk Sansa Zip (Rockbox) Download
5342Sandisk Sansa Connect (Rockbox) Download
533BSandisk Sansa c200v2 series (Rockbox) Download
533CSandisk Sansa Clipv2 (Rockbox) Download
533ESandisk Sansa Clip+ (Rockbox) Download
533FSandisk Sansa Fuze v2 (Rockbox) Download
5337Sandisk Sansa Clip (Rockbox) Download
5338Sandisk Sansa e200v2 series (Rockbox) Download
5339Sandisk Sansa m200 v4 series (Rockbox) Download
533ASandisk Sansa Fuze (Rockbox) Download
5321Cowon D2 (Rockbox) Download
5329Toshiba Gigabeat S (Rockbox) Download
5332Sandisk Sansa e200 series (Rockbox) Download
5334Sandisk Sansa c200 series (Rockbox) Download
531AApple iPod Mini 2g (Rockbox) Download
531CApple iPod Nano 2g (Rockbox) Download
531DApple iPod Classic/6G (Rockbox) Download
5315Apple iPod Nano 1g (Rockbox) Download
5316Apple iPod Video (Rockbox) Download
5318Apple iPod 4g Grayscale (Rockbox) Download
5319Apple iPod Mini 1g (Rockbox) Download
530Eiriver H10 20GB (Rockbox) Download
530Firiver H10 5/6GB (Rockbox) Download
5314Apple iPod Color/Photo (Rockbox) Download
5124Neo1973/FreeRunner Bluetooth Device ID service Download
5300Rockbox Download
511DQT2410 u-boot usbtty CDC ACM mode Download
5120Neo1973/FreeRunner u-boot usbtty generic serial Download
5121Neo1973/FreeRunner kernel mass storage (g_storage) mode Download
511AHXD8 u-boot usbtty CDC ACM Mode Download
511BSMDK2440 u-boot usbtty CDC ACM mode Download
511CSMDK2443 u-boot usbtty CDC ACM mode Download
5117Neo1973/FreeRunner kernel usbnet (g_ether, CDC Ethernet) mode Download
5118Neo1973/FreeRunner Debug board (V2+) Download
5119Neo1973/FreeRunner u-boot cdc_acm serial port Download
1DB5IDBG (DFU) Download
1DB6IDBG Download
607COpenVizsla USB sniffer/analyzer Download
6044open-usb-can (DFU) Download
6045open-usb-can Download
6030USB-oscope Download
5123Neo1973/FreeRunner internal USB CSR4 module Download
5122Neo1973/FreeRunner kernel cdc_ether USB network Download

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